Seattle by Samhain: 21 days and $1,500 to go!

2014-1003-MovingFundHey friends! It’s that time again… I have an exciting update for you! First, our fundraising efforts (and sales) were stuttering a bit and we were getting stressed out about how close things were getting, so we cancelled our plane tickets for the 20th and used the funds to reschedule for a flight on the 27th. We’re still cutting it a bit close, but as long as we keep up the current momentum, we’ll land in the Pacific Northwest a few days before Samhain and will be able to start our new year in our new home.

Our weekly rent here is paid on Fridays, so we’ll be checking out of the hotel where we’ve laid our heads for 2.5 years on the 25th. We’ll travel to Atlanta, spend two nights in a hotel there, and hopefully bounce back a bit from the illness that has been exacerbated for both of us by severe allergens and chronic illness triggers in our current environment. Then, we’ll take an early morning flight to Seattle by way of Phoenix on the 27th. We’re still working on finding a suitable short-term housing situation that fits our needs and budget.

We’ve received a few very generous donations in the past few days, and are currently up to $3,005 in the moving fund. Here’s a screenshot from our bank account… How exciting is that?2014-1002-Savings

We received another $500 contribution to the fund today, which is currently en route from PayPal to the bank… Which is why the progress image above shows $500 more than we actually have in the account right now.

So, to wrap up, as of this moment, we have exactly three weeks until our physical journey to the Pacific Northwest begins! And we still have lots of funds to raise, and are still working to figure out some important logistics. If you’re able to make a contribution to the fund in exchange for one of several thank you gifts being offered, or make a purchase from my shop, that would be very helpful! A large portion of recent sales has been going to cover things that we forgot to figure in when coming up with our goal amount, like inexpensive luggage for the trip. This is also why we are aiming for $5,000 plus plane tickets at this point, rather than the original $5,000.

We are incredibly grateful to all who have been contributing to our moving fund, purchasing from my shop, praying for us, spreading the word about my work and this project, boosting the signal on my Facebook page and just generally giving a damn. To the entire Baubles & Blessings family, thanks for being here, being you, and being awesome! You mean more to us than we know how to express.

Much love and many blessings,
Bri (& AJ)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat Mason
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 00:22:01

    I’m so glad that things are progressing as well as they are. And I am excited for you too.



  2. Linda M. Crate
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 13:29:29

    Awesome news, Bri! Hope the momentum keeps up and you guys get everything you need and then some. 🙂



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