Auction, Prayers & Gratitude

This week’s auction has less than 19 hours remaining! There are 10 pieces of jewelry and one custom clay creation being auctioned off, with just 5 bids between them — as well as several items donated by other artists and vendors with BIN prices. I am a hardworking chronic pain patient, and every bid/purchase helps to make sure that I don’t have to go without the medicine that helps me to function.

Huge thanks to everyone spreading the word, donating items, getting their bid on and praying for relief and abundance on my behalf.

You can bid on current items here, or join for easy access when new items are listed. ❤ And of course, if you’d rather just make a donation to help me pay for my medicine, you’re welcome to do so via my GoFundMe page. My hubby and I will soon be sending near-daily group distance Reiki to everyone who contributes any amount, unless they choose to opt out.

As always, much love and bright blessings to you, friends! ❤


New fundraiser link!

I had no idea that it would be against anyone’s rules to raise funds for my legal medicine, but Fundrazr closed my campaign, didn’t respond to my inquiries, and then deleted my entire account when I posted a new campaign raising funds for bills and rent, with the cost of my medication coming out of our earnings. Apparently it’s against some weird arbitrary rule to run a fundraiser when you are a medical marijuana patient… How odd. And their customer service is awful, at least if they have a problem with your campaign and you attempt to discuss the matter with them.

So I went back to GoFundMe, which I’d used previously to help us get settled in the Pacific Northwest. I contacted their customer service and asked whether I could raise funds for my 100% legal medical marijuana. The rep who helped me was super nice and I was reassured that it would be fine, as long as it was clearly stated in the campaign info where I’m located and that it’s legal here. I should have stuck with them in the first place; I was just hoping not to have to wait up to a week for withdrawn funds to hit my bank account now that I can no longer use PayPal on GoFundMe. (My account had previously been grandfathered in using PayPal.)

At least it all worked out in the end! 🙂 You can visit the new fundraiser here. All donations made on Fundrazr have been added to the new tally, along with funds for items that other vendors have donated to sell in my new Facebook group. (If you’d like to add one or more items, please get in touch! So far, everyone has donated 100% of proceeds, but I’d be fine with a 50% split as well.)

Apologies for any confusion, dears! Much love to you. ❤

New fundraiser pieces – awareness ribbons & butterflies!

I was inspired to make these purple butterfly pieces a couple of days ago. There are still two left with wee black glass crystals, and one with lavender crystals. They’re super adjustable; I’m modeling one at the shortest length and one at the longest length. (My neck is about 17″.) Visit the FB fundraiser to snag yours, read more or see what else is available. (If you’re more the grab bag type, our GoFundMe campaign is still open as well, or I am happy to barter items from our Amazon wishlist for credit to my shop.)

Adjustable Purple Butterfly Necklaces

After recently posting my fibro warrior pendants, I got a LOT of requests for pink ribbon pieces. Here are the first of those! They can also be found in the FB fundraiser.

So far, the fundraisers have raised $349 this month — $174 in donations for jewelry and other gifts; $155 in auction items and $20 from the GoFundMe. Huge thanks to everyone who has had a hand in making that happen, from spreading the word to donating funds or items, bidding, etc. I am so grateful for all of your support while things have been so slow for us.

I apologize for not posting much recently. I’ve just been exhausted most of the time lately, and celebrating small victories when they arise.

Much love and many blessings,
❤ Bri

Can you help?

We are having serious trouble making ends meet right now, with the expense of traveling to frequent doctor’s appointments and everyday needs piling up. We both work hard, are disabled, and we receive no government assistance outside of SNAP benefits and Medicaid.

My sales have been less than $250 in December, and anyone who’s ever had their own small business knows that means about $125 or so net income for me. AJ’s paychecks barely cover rent and bills. If I don’t make sales, that means no sanitary products, cleaning products, no groceries for the 1/3-1/2 a month not covered by SNAP benefits, no CBD tincture for my chronic pain, none of the many OTC meds and supplements that help us function a little bit better.

I know that things are hard all-around right now, but if you could please take a moment to consider whether you may be able to help us out in any of the ways mentioned below, I would appreciate it so very much!

– Visit my shop and see if there is anything that calls to you. I am always happy to make payment arrangements and work on custom orders! ❤
– Visit the Baubles & Blessings FB page to catch up on recent posts, and interact to help boost the signal. If no one interacts with posts, FB stops showing them to additional page fans.
– Check out our GoFundMe page and consider making a contribution. I’m working on grab bags now!
– Take a peek at our Amazon wish list and consider whether you may be able to help by ordering a piece of clothing or health-related item. I would be thrilled to offer you a gift code for B&B in thanks!
– Help spread the word about my work.
– Consider whether you may have something to contribute for the upcoming Facebook event and auction.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Much love and many blessings,

Just 10 days left for grab bags & other exclusive rewards!

Friends, we are $690 away from our fundraising goal, with just 10 days to go. $690 would go a long way towards furnishing the rest of our apartment with things like a bed frame for our mattress, a sturdy work table, shelves and a better organization system for my beads and other supplies. AJ is also desperately in need of a new laptop for work.

Please take a moment to consider whether you may be able to make a contribution, and remember that there are some lovely rewards available, all of which are worth more than the contribution required to claim them. Sharing this campaign with friends who you think may be interested would also be much appreciated.

This fundraiser brought in nearly $1,000 in its first few days. Can we drum up another $690 in a week? Please also remember that we’ll be splitting anything over our goal with another family we know who is in desperate need of help.

We’ll be shooting a video for you on Monday, so you can see the progress we’ve made since our last video. We just need AJ’s new shoes to arrive, as he has foot problems that are currently preventing him from being able to stand or walk — and I’ve been planning to be in the video this time, so I need him to shoot it.

Much love and many blessings to all of you, and the happiest of holidays to all celebrating right now!

Seattle by Samhain: 21 days and $1,500 to go!

2014-1003-MovingFundHey friends! It’s that time again… I have an exciting update for you! First, our fundraising efforts (and sales) were stuttering a bit and we were getting stressed out about how close things were getting, so we cancelled our plane tickets for the 20th and used the funds to reschedule for a flight on the 27th. We’re still cutting it a bit close, but as long as we keep up the current momentum, we’ll land in the Pacific Northwest a few days before Samhain and will be able to start our new year in our new home.

Our weekly rent here is paid on Fridays, so we’ll be checking out of the hotel where we’ve laid our heads for 2.5 years on the 25th. We’ll travel to Atlanta, spend two nights in a hotel there, and hopefully bounce back a bit from the illness that has been exacerbated for both of us by severe allergens and chronic illness triggers in our current environment. Then, we’ll take an early morning flight to Seattle by way of Phoenix on the 27th. We’re still working on finding a suitable short-term housing situation that fits our needs and budget.

We’ve received a few very generous donations in the past few days, and are currently up to $3,005 in the moving fund. Here’s a screenshot from our bank account… How exciting is that?2014-1002-Savings

We received another $500 contribution to the fund today, which is currently en route from PayPal to the bank… Which is why the progress image above shows $500 more than we actually have in the account right now.

So, to wrap up, as of this moment, we have exactly three weeks until our physical journey to the Pacific Northwest begins! And we still have lots of funds to raise, and are still working to figure out some important logistics. If you’re able to make a contribution to the fund in exchange for one of several thank you gifts being offered, or make a purchase from my shop, that would be very helpful! A large portion of recent sales has been going to cover things that we forgot to figure in when coming up with our goal amount, like inexpensive luggage for the trip. This is also why we are aiming for $5,000 plus plane tickets at this point, rather than the original $5,000.

We are incredibly grateful to all who have been contributing to our moving fund, purchasing from my shop, praying for us, spreading the word about my work and this project, boosting the signal on my Facebook page and just generally giving a damn. To the entire Baubles & Blessings family, thanks for being here, being you, and being awesome! You mean more to us than we know how to express.

Much love and many blessings,
Bri (& AJ)

The Home Project: Seattle by Samhain Fundraiser Update


We are now up to $475 in donations through the Seattle by Samhain fundraising event! If you can, please consider making a contribution of whatever size is comfortable for you and help make our dream of home come true! We still have about $2,000 to go, and just a few weeks to make it happen.

As soon as recent contributions reach our bank account, I’ll be posting an official update. I’ve been keeping a running tally on the Facebook event page; RSVP there for more frequent updates.

If you can’t contribute financially at this time, please consider visiting Baubles & Blessings on Facebook to interact with recent posts and help boost my signal to other customers and fans. Purchases from my shop are also incredibly helpful. Thank you all so much for your support!

On another note, it’s about time for another Q&A post! Please comment here or get in touch on FB if you have a question you’d like me to answer. 🙂

Much love and many blessings,
♥ Bri

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