I got a surprise gift! ♥


I just went to the store and stopped into the office for mail on the way. I was totally surprised to get a package from my sweet friend and customer, Belinda, with this adorable headband/earwarmer in it, along with a beautiful handmade card.

I’ve gotten a couple of other handmade gifts from folks in the mail, and it’s so sweet ~ I don’t have words for what an awesome pick-me-up it is, or how grateful I am. I still need to take a pic of me wearing the owl necklace I made that was purchased for me by a friend because I was so in love with its energy but couldn’t afford to not list it in my shop.

I am such a lucky lady, and I am so thankful for all of the amazing friends I’ve made through my jewelry! ♥

Scraps of Joy


This is not a new idea, but it is a good one! You can make this project as simple or ornate as you’d like, get your children involved, the possibilities are endless. I like to think of these as sort of a mini time capsule. It would be cool to create a new one each year, saving the prior year’s jar, so you can go back and remember the special moments, large and small, in a given year.

I could not find a source for this viral image but would love to give credit if you know where it originated.