Gratitude! Plus 33% off & free shipping for custom orders.

Hey, friends! After my recent auction, AJ and I were able to make a $50 donation to Unidos Por Puerto Rico. Thanks so much to each of you who helped make that happen by bidding, buying, and helping to spread the word! I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Please consider also making a donation of your own if you’re able.

If you missed out on the event or you’ve got your eye on a piece in my shop, now’s your time to snag a great deal! Use the code FLASH33 to take 33% off all ready to ship jewelry. I’m also offering free US shipping on custom orders right now if you spend at least $25.


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Auction Wrap-up & Donations

2015-11-22-GoFundMe-ShaunaSo, first off, I posted on the event page but never posted here about the donation from last month’s auction. While trying to decide where to send our $75 donation, AJ and I came across a friend in dire need of help with some dental issues. She’s in Tennessee, where we have firsthand experience with how impossible it is to get help with emergency dental issues if you can’t pay through the nose. So we went ahead and sent the funds her way. She had the first part of her surgery this week!

For this month’s auction, we decided in advance that we would be donating to Nar Nar’s Voyages. Annara is a sweet little girl battling leukemia, and both of her parents are out of work at the moment while her mother is on leave to care for her. Knowing how difficult cancer can be on the patient’s entire family and support system after AJ’s mom fought and lost a brief but nasty battle with anaplastic thyroid cancer, we wanted to do what we could to help.

The auction brought in $704. PayPal fees totaled $27.31, but my awesome auction winners chipped in $16 to offset the fees, so we ended up with a total of $692.69 and rounded the donation up to $70. I sent the funds to the PayPal account specified by Annara’s mom this morning. I hope that this helps ease things just a bit for them, with everything this family is going through.


Thank you all so very much for your support! Not only does it help this disabled artist couple keep up with basic needs, but you also help us do our part to help others in need. Paying it forward means so much to both of us, and we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity.

I also want to give special thanks to the three people who made contributions totaling $35 to our savings to help us forge stability in our new home. It’s been so hard to save anything with how unpredictable income has been this year, and your donations mean so much to us.

As always, much love and many bright blessings to you.

♥ Bri


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Giveaway & auction extended through Tuesday!

Heya, friends! My Friday the 13th auction is still running and has been extended by 24 hours. It will end tomorrow night at 7:00 Pacific time, a little over 25 hours from now. All of the pieces shown in the collage are up for bid, along with many others. As I type, there are a dozen pieces without bids and many more with just 1-2 bids. There is also a door prize giveaway!

Not only will the proceeds from this auction help support a hard-working disabled couple with limited income, but we are also donating 10% of this month’s proceeds (after PayPal fees) to Nar Nar’s Voyages to help a little girl battling leukemia and her family in their time of need.


Donation Update

I’ve tallied up all of the eligible sales during June to figure out the donation we’ll be making toward Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo‘s travel costs for her medical volunteer trip to Haiti.

Pieces that were part of The Home Fund were not eligible; nor were custom orders. All other purchases totaled $392.96. I’m rounding this up to $400.

10% of eligible sales = $40
10% of jewelry raffle = $10
10% of current raffle = $25
total promised donation = $75

There are still raffle tickets available; assuming that all tickets have sold, I will be making a donation of at least $75 in the next two weeks.

Thanks so much for all of your support! Everyone who purchased a raffle ticket or eligible item — or who helped spread the word about my page or special events — has my immense and heartfelt gratitude for helping me make this happen. ♥

Update 07.11.14:

Mambo Komande has had to cancel her trip to Haiti due to health issues and is donating all funds gathered so far to the organization leading the trip she’d meant to be on. I am doing research and will be making my donation to one or more deserving organizations once things are a wee bit less chaotic for me, as I am now planning a sudden move across the country.

New & Continuing Offers

We’re still playing coupon roulette, and I still have free selenite tumbles for all packages going out! I’ve also got a free shipping offer for my domestic customers, and I’ll be donating 10% of all eligible sales to Mambo Vye Zo Komande LaMenfo‘s mission trip to Haiti at the end of the month! (Everything counts except custom pieces and those that are part of The Home Project.)

You can check out the GoFundMe page for her fundraiser here.

Donation: Mambo Kommande’s Trip to Haiti

The initial donation period has ended. My total ready to ship sales from 5/25-5/31 (excluding The Home Project pieces) were $110.93, so I rounded up and donated $15. I also decided that I will continue to donate 10% of all ready to ship sales that are not part of THP through June.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who played a part in me being able to make this donation! I look forward to making a larger donation at the end of June. ♥

Click on the image to visit the GoFundMe campaign page directly.