This is just precious! Anyone wanna guess who this video makes me think of?

CK’s Birthday Giveaway

To help celebrate CK’s birthday over at Candles And Herbs, I’ve donated a Lucky Goddess necklace with aventurine! All you have to do in order to be eligible to win her — or one of several other prizes from C&H or Rocky Mountain Tarot — is click through to the link below, like Salem Friends of Felines and claim your entry. 

Giveaway entry form:
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Oh my goodness, y’all! How adorable is this wee wannabe flying turtle? ♥

Image: Rex / Daniel Hartley-Allen

Valentine’s Donation to Nakio’s Underground Rescue


Once hubby made his final decision on the charity he wanted the donation to go to, I just couldn’t wait to make the donation, even though half of the tickets are still available. Hehe. Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped to make this possible!

Please check out Nakio’s Underdog Rescue to learn more about who they are and what they do! ♥

If you’d like to purchase tickets, please see my pinned post on Facebook.

Rat Love


How freakin’ sweet is this pic? Thanks to the lovely Lucy for sending this my way today!

Image source:

Wolf Love

Kitten Loves Rat


I’ve found another adorable critter pic with which to wish you the sweetest of dreams, whenever yours come.

Source unknown on this one. 😦

Ears are for noms!


Time for a quick poll! Who among you has children, celebrates Christmas and feels a bit like this today? Wishing everyone who celebrates a merry Christmas!

Image source:

Thanks to Judy for sharing!

The tiniest bunny…


Oh my goodness, y’all… I just don’t have words for how precious this is! 

Image source:

Meet Naki’o!


Have you guys met Naki’o the Bionic Dog? Please check out his page, and Nakio’s Underdog Rescue to learn about all of the awesome things that Naki’o and his family do as helpers and advocates for disabled critters.

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