My name is Bri. I just turned 35 in November of 2015. I am a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, currently happily making a home in Tacoma with my hubby and partner of nine years, AJ. We both have chronic illnesses and are unable to work outside of the home. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 14 years of chronic pain; AJ is still on his diagnosis journey. We both work hard, AJ at a part-time job where he is lucky enough to be able to telecommute and myself with Baubles & Blessings. AJ is a talented artist in multiple mediums; he hopes to find some pain relief and be able to share more of his art with the world in the near future.

AJ is only able to work part time, and we are incredibly grateful that his paychecks cover rent and bills — but they don’t go much further. Every purchase from my shop helps support our wee family, and is so very much appreciated by both of us.

I have been making and selling jewelry similar to what I currently offer since late 2010. Prior to that, I made beaded jewelry as a hobby, to give as gifts. As I’ve spent more time and energy in this endeavor, I have found greater joy and peace. The practice is meditative for me, and I find joy in the fact that it helps me feel closer to my gods and ancestors.

Customers have told me that they feel the love, positivity and joy that goes into every piece of jewelry that I make; this has even come from those who are not generally energy-intuitive. I hope to have the privilege of sending some of that good mojo your way!

I love working on custom orders, and I hope that you will contact me with any questions you may have about commissioning a piece of your own.

Much love and many blessings,
❤ Bri



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