Catching up: auction pieces & The Healer’s Touch

Amethyst Meditating Goddess Prayer Bead Necklace

First off, this beauty is still up for auction, ending in less than 24 hours. As I type, the high bid is $40. The various amethyst beads and Beadfreaky pendant have such lovely energy and combine so well… Whoever ends up winning this piece will be very happy with it, I believe.

There are also oodles of other pieces that I’ve already posted still available, from Feeling a Little Crochety, Pulp Street Creations and myself. Click here to visit the main fundraiser page.

I’ve recently received and listed a bunch of items from Tracey over at The Healer’s Touch. First, here is the newest auction item, a gorgeous necklace and earring set. (I didn’t realize that it was slightly crooked until after the fact — but seriously, there are other photos in the listing and none of them came close to doing this beauty any justice.)

"Dark Angel" Intricate Goldstone Necklace & Earring Set by The Healer's Touch

And here are the rest of the recently added goodies.

I’ve been busy and a bit under the weather recently, and I keep forgetting to figure out a new deal for February. Until I do, the code “HELLO2016” will take 25% off all regularly-priced ready to ship jewelry in my shop. And there are even gifts!

Free gift with all purchases!

Free Sleepytime Lip Balm & Selenite for Orders of $30 or More!

As always, I’d like to thank everyone who has donated items for this fundraiser, made donations for the gorgeous pieces that have been available, helped spread the word about the event or done anything else to support us in any way. You are all amazing, and we are so lucky to have you as part of the Baubles & Blessings family!

Much love and many blessings,
❤ Bri

Wisdom: OOAK Necklace with Dragon Vein Agate & FaceARTifacts Pendant

This gorgeous, one of a kind piece features a combination of shimmery dark gold Czech glass seed beads, dragon vein agate (also known as fire crackle agate), shimmery green Czech glass rondelles and bright copper spacers. A stunning pendant handmade by the talented Deveon from FaceARTifacts hangs from an antiqued copper bail with a dragonfly design.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe approximate length is 20.5″. The pendant hangs down a total of 2.75″ from the beaded strand. This piece can be shortened on request; please contact me before ordering to make arrangements. Depending on the desired size, there may be a small restringing fee.

Agates are stones of protection, harmony and strength. It is helpful in summoning creative energy and easing anxiety, and is a wonderful stone to use in children’s jewelry and charms, with how strong a protector agate tends to be. It is also a fantastic stone for neutralizing or dispelling negative energies. Depending on the variety of agate, it is well used in chakra balancing; just match the color of the stone to that of the chakra.

Copper tends to stimulate and encourage optimism, independence, harmony, luck, sexuality, intuition and general vitality. Copper is a wonderful conductor of healing energy and its properties are useful in many areas of healing.

For full details, please click here to visit the listing.

Sneak a peek!


This piece features a stunning OOAK handmade polymer clay pendant by Deveon over at FaceARTifacts and will be listed in my shop soon. The beads are dragon vein agate, Czech glass and copper. I have several more of her stunning pendants to work with and I can’t wait! ❤

In other news, you can still use the code “BYE2015” to save 20% on all ready to ship jewelry in my shop! There are some gorgeous new OOAK pieces that have been recently listed, if you haven’t stopped by in a while.

It has been a very slow and difficult month for us, so I am also offering grab bags once again. In addition, I am always happy to discuss payment arrangements and custom orders. Just shoot me a PM through my FB page or contact me via my shop. All purchases support a hardworking disabled couple on a limited income, and we appreciate your support very much, whether that means sales or helping to get the word out!

Lots of love and bright blessings to you!



All content © Bri Crofton and Baubles & Blessings

Spring Fairy Festival

2015-05-30-SpringFairyFestival-1We went to Crescent Moon Gifts‘ Spring Fairy Festival on Saturday, and we had such a great time! I thought I’d share a quick run-down and some pics with you… Apologies for my phone’s camera not quite being on the ball yesterday! (Click on any of the smaller images if you’d like to see the full-sized version.)

AJ took this pic of me before we headed out, modeling the pieces that I made to wear for the 2015-05-30-SpringFairyFestival-2event. Get a closer look at the pieces at the right… The faerie necklace is a duplicate of a recent design, but with garnet instead of clear quartz. It’s also got pink lepidolite, rose quartz, Swarovski crystal pearls and a cute ceramic faerie pendant. The spiral necklace combines copper, green opal, African jade, tiger’s eye, tiny moss agate hearts, green glass crystals and raku-finished ceramic beads. Both of these pieces are now available for purchase, but have not been listed in my shop. Please get in touch if you’re interested in purchasing either piece.


We got to Crescent Moon after Little Bear‘s set had started, but were glad that we didn’t miss her entirely. I’ve been a fan of Little Bear’s on Facebook for a while and already thought she was awesome, but listening to her sing was such a treat!


Then we went out to check out the booths, and one of the first things we saw was this adorable tree… Which I had to take a picture of because it reminded me of the wishing trees at some of Brighid’s sacred sites in Ireland. (As was the intent, I’m sure.) Of course that made me smile.


The next performance we caught was Chronilus, who were fun. The lovely ladies dancing while they played were also a treat; thanks to April and Bev for their performances! It was so sweet to watch the little faeries following them around!


AJ and I both fell completely in love with The Fire Inside, who played next on the outdoor stage. This awesome lady kept encouraging the wee faeries to get up and dance along, which tickled us immensely, We really hope that these folks come back to Tacoma in the somewhat near future and we get to see them again.


Flair Entertainment wrapped things up for the evening, and they had most of the remaining crowd pretty enthralled. I was really impressed by much of their routine, especially the parts of the performance where they were dancing together. So much talent and confidence! We look forward to seeing them do their thing again in the future, as well.

2015-05-30-SpringFairyFestival-9We picked up some small treasures from the folks vending at the festival…

The shiva lingam stone and selenite heart sang to me pretty much the moment that I saw them in Crystal Quarry‘s booth. We picked up mini prints of a few of Rob Carlos‘ pieces, including the gorgeous purple dragon shown at the top of the stack.

Then we fell in love with the gorgeous magnet that we purchased from Herb Leonhard Art, and I’m hoping to also pick up some of his art print pendants to work with in the future. The beautiful scarf in the center spot was something I went on the hunt for because I have issues with energy in crowds, and I’d forgotten to bring something to cover my head. Gratefulhaven Batiks saved the day! The small Quan Yin figure is something we’ve been wanting to add to our altar for a while, and I couldn’t resist the mini I Ching coins from Crescent Moon… I’ll show you what I do with them later.

In order to help ourselves get healthier, we’ve been making a strong effort to cut out most processed sugar and quite a bit of carbs from our diets. We’re already feeling better in a lot of ways, but we couldn’t resist the call of a few sweet treats yesterday. It had literally been years since we’d had a doughnut, so we had to pop into Legendary Doughnuts, where we grabbed a Sex in the City — chocolate doughnut frosted with chocolate and drizzled with salted caramel, which we split for dessert last night — and a blueberries and cream doughsant, which we haven’t savored just yet. Back at the festival, we also picked up a mini loaf of banana bread and a delicious snickerdoodle from Forest Fairy Bakery, which we indulged in once we arrived home since we’d been standing and walking so much all day — we’d definitely gotten some exercise! The banana bread went right into the freezer for safekeeping.2015-05-30-SpringFairyFestival-8

When we got home, AJ wanted to snap a pic of how happy I was, So here’s that — you can just barely see my first sunburn of 2015. Thankfully, even though my chest and shoulders are crimson today, they look much worse than they feel. I’ll have to remember to pick up some sunblock soon!

Because we both have chronic pain and fatigue, we’re still recovering today… But was it worth it? Well, I guess I’ll let my smile speak on my behalf. (In other words, we’re looking forward to next year’s festival!)

Thanks to the folks who took advantage of my special offer the night before the festival, we miraculously had a bit of spending money after being ridiculously broke for most of May. It was so nice to be out and about, and to sort of temporarily forget our recent extreme poverty and just be able to support some local small businesses in our travels through the festival, since all of our urgent needs were actually taken care of for once. Thanks to all of you who have supported my wee business in the past two weeks and helped us do a complete 180 from the beginning of May! We may be broke again today, but our fridge is full, I’ve got a roast bubbling away in my crockpot, and we have a few days before we have to start worrying about meds again.

All in all, we had such a lovely day yesterday! Thanks for reading and allowing me to share our adventure — and some wonderful local performers, artists and small businesses — with you!

Much love and many bright blessings,
♥ Bri

Coming soon… Giveaways!


It’s been a while since I had a giveaway for y’all, so I’ve decided to rectify that by giving away TWO collaborative pieces in the second half of April! Here’s a sneak peek at the prizes that I just finished up tonight,,,

The piece on the left features a fancy beadwork leaf pendant by my friend Tracey at The Healers Touch – A Journey In Healing. This necklace combines labradorite, peridot, serpentine, gold freshwater pearls, glass crystals, metal accent beads, and pressed glass Eye of Providence beads.

The necklace on the right features a sweet hand-painted chakra pendant by my pal Windy over at Windy Paints. This piece combines faceted Czech glass beads with clear quartz and pewter accent beads.

I’d love to hear what you think! Which of these are you most excited about entering to win? Keep an eye on my Facebook page and/or my posts here on the blog over the next week for more info on how to enter both contests… And while you’re at it, please pop over to my co-conspirators’ FB pages to show them some love, too!

Creative Blog Hop

Thanks so much to the talented Heather for thinking of me and inviting me to join her in this blog hop! I am just head over heels in love with Heather’s work and have enjoyed watching her get more and more into working on and sharing her gorgeous spirit dolls. I definitely recommend checking them out!

What am I working on?

At the moment, my main focus is on making a cross-country move happen, so things have been interesting. I’ve been doing all kinds of fundraising events like raffles and auctions… My big auction is actually ending tonight, and I’m trying to think of what I can do next to keep things fun and exciting for my amazing friends, fans and customers.

I’ve been working with lots of odds and ends lately, trying to use up supplies that I have on-hand and order only what I absolutely need because anything left when we head west is going to be shipped out ahead, since we’re flying. Logistics have been… Interesting. Anyway, having a more limited palette of supplies with which to work has actually been kind of cool, as it’s forcing me outside of my comfort zone a bit. I think I’ve been coming up with some cool designs; you can see some of the new auction-exclusive pieces below.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I like to think that there are original visual elements to my work, but I really feel that the energy is what sets my work apart. Many of my regular customers have become regulars — and friends — because they can feel the love and prayers that go into my work. I am honored and humbled by how many wonderful souls have told me that they have used my jewelry to help them find their paths and improve their lives in some way. I also feel that some of my best work comes through in custom pieces — which I love to work on — and pieces made during my shifts tending Brighid’s Flame.

Why do I create what I do?

My ultimate goals in this life, other than stability and health for myself and my spouse, are to help others in whatever ways are possible, and to do the work that is most helpful to the goddess Brighid — to whom I am primarily devoted — and the rest of my spirit family. As a person with disabling health issues, I am incredibly grateful that these things have come together in my jewelry design, crafting and energy work. I get to support my wee family while honoring and working with my spirits and making people happy, and that’s pretty amazing. I love what I do.

How does my creative process work?

I usually start with an idea/request for particular colors, gemstones or energetic/magical purpose, and I go from there. If I can’t think of specific stones for a purpose off the top of my head, there’s research involved. There’s also quite a bit of intuition, in just knowing that I’ve found the right combo of materials.

Where I live at the moment, I have a dozen 6-quart shoe boxes full of beads, findings and charms. They’ve been getting lighter as I’ve been trying to work through my current supply stash, but it’s a little bit insane. I try to keep things organized and easy to find, but it’s still a bit of a chore to move them across the room and set up every time I start working. Once we find our new long-term home, I look forward to once more having a setup where I can make things more accessible, so that it will be easier to get started, take breaks, etc.

I connect with my spirits before doing work, and usually have candles burning for Brighid to help me specifically connect with Her. Most of my work, once I start actually stringing, is meditative. I spend a lot of my working time in a very light trance state, though there are certainly times when I’m more physically unwell and have a hard time finding that groove, and other times when the connection is deeper and not much of me remains in this world.

I do apologize for rambling, and hope that this peek into my work was fun and interesting for some of you! Thanks so much for reading.


This is a continuous blog hop hosted by different artists/bloggers every week. Next week, I’ll be passing the torch to two awesomely crafty — and quite talented — ladies, Starla of Art by Starla Moore and Dot over at Busted Button.


Trinket Box from Ravyn’s Nest

Hubby and I recently received a care package from a very sweet friend, and this darling Brighid’s cross trinket box from Ravyn’s Nest — thoughtfully painted and lined with some of my favorite colors — was included for me. I was (and still am) quite touched. While Ravyn has not posted on her FB page recently and her shop says that she is not taking custom orders at the moment, she does have quite a few lovely pieces listed. ♥

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