Caring for Your Baubles

Baubles & Blessings Jewelry Care Instructions

Thanks so much for your purchase! Please follow the following care tips to ensure that your new jewelry lasts as long as possible.

– I highly recommend gentle polishing with a soft cloth regularly, especially after sweating. For best results, wipe pieces gently with a soft cloth before and after wear.
– If you wear perfume, body spray, etc… Spray, allow to dry, and then put on your jewelry.
– Avoid wearing your jewelry to bed if possible, and definitely avoid immersing in water or wearing in the bath/shower, especially pieces with cabochons.
– Store your jewelry wrapped in tissue paper or a soft cloth, in a sealed plastic bag, to prevent damage from moisture or scratches from other jewelry.
– It is rare, but cabochons may sometimes come loose in shipping or with wear. If this happens, I recommend using E6000 adhesive to reattach. If you don’t normally have this on-hand, it can often be found in the hardware section of discount stores like Family Dollar.
– The biggest thing is that, being plated/base metals, the metal components will eventually tarnish if left alone, and it’s difficult if not impossible to bring these components back to their former glory if that happens. If you polish them with Renaissance wax or something similar, however, they’ll stay shiny and new looking for much longer! (Renaissance wax is available here. A small can should last a long time; a little goes a long way!)

I am usually happy to work on repairs/restrings for beaded jewelry, whether it’s one of my pieces or made by someone else. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss.

Thanks so much for your support!

Bri Crofton, Owner & Designer
Baubles & Blessings

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