2015 U.S. Trans Survey

If you identify as transgender, trans, genderqueer or non-binary, are at least 18 years old and currently live in the US, its territories or on a military base, please consider taking the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey. It’s anonymous, and so important that all of you are heard if we are ever to actually achieve equality for the T in GLBT. Please let your voice be heard! As of right now, the survey will be open until September 21st.

India: Rainbow Necklace with Quartz, Amethyst, Czech Glass & Art Pendant by Windy Paints

I don’t often post single pieces on the blog in their very own post anymore, but this one is special.

India Clarke was a transgender woman who was murdered this year. An alarmingly high percentage of violence perpetrated against members of the GLBTQ community occurs in the form of attacks on trans women, particularly trans women of color. The violence against these women — and the too-frequent loss of life — is beyond unacceptable, and this is my small way of trying to draw attention to the issue.

I will be donating $5 from the sale of this piece to TWOCC, Trans Women of Color CollectiveVisit the shop listing here for more info or to purchase.

The beads are a mix of shimmery clear Czech glass seed beads, faceted fire-polished Czech glass beads in rainbow colors, tiny quartz beads and large chevron amethyst. The pendant features a tiny hand-painted piece of art by Windy Paints, sealed under a glass cabochon.

Amethyst is a type of quartz. It is calming, harmonizing, and good at drawing peaceful energy. It is a wonderful healing stone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amethyst can be used to aid in all kinds of psychic work, including enhancing one’s intuition. It can be used to protect travelers and to ward off psychic attack. Like garnet, amethyst was often worn or carried into battle as a protective amulet. Helpful with past life recall. Really, amethyst is just a generally wonderful all-purpose stone!

Quartz, also known as rock crystal, is the most universally known and plentiful mineral. Quartz enhances the energy of other stones around it and is also excellent for use in finding balance, clarity and harmony. It is also used for healing, channeling, clearing negative energy and protection. Its energies can aid in meditation, divination, channeling, manifestation and more.

Thanks so much for your support!

2015-07-21-Testosterone-3Thank you all so much for your support!

A few days ago, AJ (Bri’s hubby, for anyone new here) got his first testosterone prescription in 3.5 years. He officially restarted T today.

Because he had trouble with his body burning through the testosterone so quickly when he was doing injections, he decided to try the gel this time — and because of his prior experience, it was covered by insurance.

We are so grateful to be in Washington, where we qualify for Medicaid and trans healthcare is covered. We are also incredibly grateful to the Baubles & Blessings family, for all of your moral support, signal boosts and purchases. We could not have made this wild cross-country leap of faith happen if not for your help. We want to share our successes and baby steps toward greater health, happiness and stability as they happen.

Bless each and every one of you!

❤ Bri & AJ

New additions to the shop… And free shipping!

These beauties are all new to my shop, and they’re all quite reasonably priced… Plus you can get free US S&H through the end of the month, on any regularly-priced order of at least $15! Just use the code “FREESHIP” during checkout. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think of these new pieces!

I also have a wee favor to ask. If you’re on Facebook, could you pop by my page and show my recent posts some love to help keep my voice heard? (Many folks also find it useful to friend or follow my public personal account, where I share posts from my page to boost the signal.) Thanks so much for your support!

If you’re one of the folks frustrated with the new FB algorithms and how they affect what makes it into your feed, please remember that I’m also on Instagram, Pinterest (which I haven’t been great about posting to lately) and Twitter… And I’ll have a brand new email newsletter that you can sign up for soon!

❤ Bri

New Raffle & Recent Creations

There’s a new raffle running over on my Facebook page! This piece, named after the movie “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” — and its spirit of perseverance, strength & remaining true to oneself — features a limited edition key from Art by Starla Moore, created just for The Home Project & not available anywhere else! Perfect for showing your GLBT pride or love of diversity, balancing chakras, or wearing simply because you like it. This key will help unlock our dreams, and hopefully yours as well!

Click on the image above for all of the details if you’re interested in participating. The first prize is the piece pictured, as well as a $20 gift code for Baubles & Blessings. There will also be two $20 gift codes for my shop awarded to runners-up. Tickets start at just $3! You may also claim a free ticket with any purchase of at least $25.

I’ve also been adding new pieces to my shop recently. I’d love to hear what you think of these new pieces! I announced a flash sale on FB yesterday; use the code “FLASH20” to take 20% off all non-clearance items for the next 17 hours! The sale ends at midnight Eastern time; pieces that are specifically part of The Home Project are exempt, but ALL sales will add to our fundraising effort! While some of these were custom orders and a few have sold, many are still available in my shop.


The Home Project: Funds, Frustrations & Gratitude


Hello, friends! As many of you who follow my Facebook page are already aware, hubby’s been laid up with an injury for the past week, and I’ve gotten pretty run-down myself trying to wear all of both of our usual hats. Thank goodness that he telecommutes and works on the computer, so he was able to eke out his 15 hours — we are both so grateful for that!

I’m saddened and frustrated that, because I’ve been able to do less until I finally got some catching up done this morning, sales have continued to be nearly nonexistent. After making amazing progress last month and with the auction at the beginning of this month, we’ve only made further progress of a little over $100. Since we still need over $900 more before we can purchase our advance purchase plane tickets, we’re beginning to worry that our move will be pushed back and we won’t be en route to our new home until October.

I know that this is a temporary setback and we WILL get to Seattle… It’s just hard to get sicker by the day because of our environment and lack of access to healthcare, and to watch my hubby go through the same thing. It terrifies me that there is not even safe emergency care for hubby because he is transgender and is stealth here out of necessity, but no longer passes well as male under scrutiny after being off of hormones for 2.5 years. It’s excruciating to know that every setback means that it will be longer until we do have access to healthcare, and that we are that much further away from finding a place to live where we will have renter’s rights and will be able to get help if the place where we live is making us sick.

While I am currently a bit frustrated that we seem to have lost that amazing momentum that we had a very short time ago, it is very important to me that you know we are both incredibly grateful for all of the support we’ve received in this endeavor. We are so glad to have met and gotten to know so many amazing souls through my business and this project. We appreciate your purchases, your faith in us and my work, and all of your signal boosts and moral support. Thank you for being here, and for caring about our well-being! 

Much love and many blessings,
♥ Bri


I usually shy away from politics on my page/blog. I avoid drama like the plague. I figure that we all have our own backgrounds, our own stories and paths… And as long as we can all get along here in my little corner of the web, that is the most important thing to me.

But here’s the thing… To me, love is not political. It’s common sense. LOVE > HATE. Hate is small, petty and afraid of what it doesn’t understand. You’re all better than that. I have faith in you. ♥

Please help me spread the word about International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia! ♥


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