Auction Ending, Protection Talismans, Flash Sale & Imbolc Projects

So this beauty is ending in just about two hours, and I’m shocked that it’s had just two bids. The current high bid is just $40, and this set by The Healer’s Touch easily has a value of $100.

"Dark Angel" Intricate Goldstone Necklace & Earring Set by The Healer's Touch

I’ve been really busy this past week, catching up on chores, getting a pile of packages ready to ship out by Monday, and being forced to rest after pushing myself too hard. We’re finally caught up on laundry and fairly well stocked with groceries, which is really nice. I’ve been working on some new protection talismans, and I am pretty smitten. These are all handmade on metal rings with recycled sari silk yarn. Some have highfired ceramic pendants attached, which can be used as essential oil diffusers. All have a wee vial of black salt with a twist-off top, so that you can empty and refill the vial when/if you choose to do so. I’m not quite done with these yet, but I’d love to hear what you think of my works in progress! The photo with multiple pieces shows some of the variety so far; the close-up is truer to the actual colors of this gorgeous rainbow sari yarn!

I also just realized that I hadn’t posted our Imbolc projects here. We were incredibly glad and grateful to be able to stash away some supplies to make Brighid’s crosses and dolls for the first time this year. You can see my first cross and our dolls below. My doll is on the left; AJ’s is on the right and makes me think of Janis Joplin channeling Brighid, hehe. Obviously the dolls aren’t very traditional, but we had fun with them and these were wonderful bonding experiences, with the Lady and one another. As soon as I have some spare energy to devote to them, I’m planning to decorate my crosses a wee bit with some of this lovely sari yarn.

It is my hope that I’ll be able to get some new jewelry posted in the coming days, as well as adding the first batch of pentagram talismans to my shop. In the meantime, there’s a flash sale happening now! You can find more info here. I generally post to Facebook and Instagram fairly quickly when I have new goodies, and I try to post here regularly as well.

Thanks so much for your support!
❤ Bri

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Simple pleasures, big gratitude & a blessed Imbolc!

February begins with Imbolc — which, to me, is all about new life, new beginnings, and gratitude for the little things that bring us joy. So I decided to share something that I’m grateful for each day this month, and I invite you to share what you’re grateful for in the comments for each of these daily posts on my Facebook page, or right here on the blog. (If you’re on FB, your interaction with my posts goes a long way to help boost my signal to the feeds of other page fans!)

2015-02-01-GratitudeToday, I am incredibly grateful to have woken up with an empty sink. I was exhausted but still managed to empty the sink before bed. This can be tough thanks to chronic back pain and illness — especially when I’d much rather be working on jewelry! — but I’ve been working hard to stay on top of it. I’m incredibly grateful and a wee bit proud of the fact that I’ve done a pretty good job of it since we moved in. (AJ would help, but the poor guy’s dealing with a flare-up of an old hand injury and I won’t let him.)

A lot of my gratitude right now has to do with the amazing help we’ve received on our journey to finding and making a real home. Our dishes came from the dollar store, the storage containers from the grocery store, and everything else in this photo was purchased via our Amazon wish list. Since your support has led to every single purchase we’ve made in our new home, YOU all helped make this possible. Thank you so much, from the bottom of both of our hearts!

Much love and a blessed Imbolc to you!

(PS: There is a flash sale happening in my shop right now! Save 20% on everything through tomorrow night.)

Creative Blog Hop

Thanks so much to the talented Heather for thinking of me and inviting me to join her in this blog hop! I am just head over heels in love with Heather’s work and have enjoyed watching her get more and more into working on and sharing her gorgeous spirit dolls. I definitely recommend checking them out!

What am I working on?

At the moment, my main focus is on making a cross-country move happen, so things have been interesting. I’ve been doing all kinds of fundraising events like raffles and auctions… My big auction is actually ending tonight, and I’m trying to think of what I can do next to keep things fun and exciting for my amazing friends, fans and customers.

I’ve been working with lots of odds and ends lately, trying to use up supplies that I have on-hand and order only what I absolutely need because anything left when we head west is going to be shipped out ahead, since we’re flying. Logistics have been… Interesting. Anyway, having a more limited palette of supplies with which to work has actually been kind of cool, as it’s forcing me outside of my comfort zone a bit. I think I’ve been coming up with some cool designs; you can see some of the new auction-exclusive pieces below.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I like to think that there are original visual elements to my work, but I really feel that the energy is what sets my work apart. Many of my regular customers have become regulars — and friends — because they can feel the love and prayers that go into my work. I am honored and humbled by how many wonderful souls have told me that they have used my jewelry to help them find their paths and improve their lives in some way. I also feel that some of my best work comes through in custom pieces — which I love to work on — and pieces made during my shifts tending Brighid’s Flame.

Why do I create what I do?

My ultimate goals in this life, other than stability and health for myself and my spouse, are to help others in whatever ways are possible, and to do the work that is most helpful to the goddess Brighid — to whom I am primarily devoted — and the rest of my spirit family. As a person with disabling health issues, I am incredibly grateful that these things have come together in my jewelry design, crafting and energy work. I get to support my wee family while honoring and working with my spirits and making people happy, and that’s pretty amazing. I love what I do.

How does my creative process work?

I usually start with an idea/request for particular colors, gemstones or energetic/magical purpose, and I go from there. If I can’t think of specific stones for a purpose off the top of my head, there’s research involved. There’s also quite a bit of intuition, in just knowing that I’ve found the right combo of materials.

Where I live at the moment, I have a dozen 6-quart shoe boxes full of beads, findings and charms. They’ve been getting lighter as I’ve been trying to work through my current supply stash, but it’s a little bit insane. I try to keep things organized and easy to find, but it’s still a bit of a chore to move them across the room and set up every time I start working. Once we find our new long-term home, I look forward to once more having a setup where I can make things more accessible, so that it will be easier to get started, take breaks, etc.

I connect with my spirits before doing work, and usually have candles burning for Brighid to help me specifically connect with Her. Most of my work, once I start actually stringing, is meditative. I spend a lot of my working time in a very light trance state, though there are certainly times when I’m more physically unwell and have a hard time finding that groove, and other times when the connection is deeper and not much of me remains in this world.

I do apologize for rambling, and hope that this peek into my work was fun and interesting for some of you! Thanks so much for reading.


This is a continuous blog hop hosted by different artists/bloggers every week. Next week, I’ll be passing the torch to two awesomely crafty — and quite talented — ladies, Starla of Art by Starla Moore and Dot over at Busted Button.


The Home Project: OOAK Art Pendant & Gemstone Necklace for Brighid

The pendant, featuring Brighid Herself, was made by Esther Remmington Fantasy Art from a tiny archival quality print of her original art.

The necklace features golden Swarovski crystal pearls, faceted aventurine beads in multiple shades and sizes, rich carnelian in two sizes, large golden calcite beads, golden Swarovski crystal pearls, silver plated spacers and pewter Celtic knot beads.

The Home Project: Golden Goddess Aventurine Necklace for Brighid

This piece was made during a shift tending Brighid’s Flame. The pendant, featuring Brighid Herself, was made by Esther Remmington Fantasy Art from a tiny archival quality print of her original art.

The necklace features golden Swarovski crystal pearls, tiny faceted green glass crystals, faceted aventurine beads and shimmery dark gold Preciosa seed beads.

Aventurine is generally considered a stone of luck. It can be helpful for dreamwork and maintaining a positive state of mind. Green aventurine is a calming stone, helpful in bringing about inner peace. It has wonderful healing energy, useful for ailments of the eyes and lungs. Use green aventurine to balance the heart or third eye chakras. This is an all-around wonderful stone, helpful in so many ways!

Trinket Box from Ravyn’s Nest

Hubby and I recently received a care package from a very sweet friend, and this darling Brighid’s cross trinket box from Ravyn’s Nest — thoughtfully painted and lined with some of my favorite colors — was included for me. I was (and still am) quite touched. While Ravyn has not posted on her FB page recently and her shop says that she is not taking custom orders at the moment, she does have quite a few lovely pieces listed. ♥

Brighid’s Flame

Brighid’s Flame is incredibly sacred for many of Her people, whether they be nuns, priests, priestesses, flamekeepers, Her children, devotees… My husband and I, both devotees of Brighid, have a wee candle lit from a candle that was lit from a candle which was lit from Her Flame in Kildare in Ireland. It is said that Her Flame is held in the wick of every candle lit from it.

We would love to share our bit of Her Flame with you. This service includes shipping you a wee candle (a Chanukah candle, a little bigger than a large birthday candle) lit from ours. We/I will also say a prayer for you while lighting your candle, and then burn a tealight candle for you on our altar. This will be done on Sundays, during our flamekeeping shifts or on other holy days.

We aren’t doing this to capitalize on our goddess or turn a profit — we’re just asking for a few dollars to cover our supplies and as an energy exchange, a small gift for a gift.

At least $2 of each $5 purchase from this listing will be added directly to our moving fund. You can read more about what else I’m doing to get us to the Pacific Northwest here. I plan on offering actual handmade and decorated candles once we have found our way to the Pacific Northwest and are no longer in transition.

April Auction Donation


Click here if you would like to read some of Danielle’s story and consider donating to sponsor her ~

Now that the Mother’s Day raffle has come to a close, hubby and I will be choosing another organization to receive 10% of the proceeds from that as well. Thanks to your support, we have been able to donate $125 to charity this year. We are so grateful for this opportunity to pay it forward!

I am particularly pleased to be able to donate to charities oriented toward helping babies and moms, as I was a premature baby who was born very sickly. Not only does this hit close to my heart, but it is an apt way to honor my goddess, as Brighid is a divine midwife and caretaker of children.

Prayer Beads for Brighid w/ Peach Pearls & Silver Spell Box Locket


This piece was made for Brighid during one of my shifts tending Her flame. I chose the peach pearls because they almost look like they’re reflecting a bright flame, and I like the water/fire mix. The larger silver-plated beads were marketed as daisies but look more like wee suns to me; either seems fitting in this piece. More

Brighid’s Flame: Prayer Beads with Sunstone, Citrine & Carnelian


This piece was made for Brighid during one of my shifts tending Her flame. I chose the honey-colored marquis-shaped glass focal bead because it reminded me of a candle’s flame. The gemstones — sunstone, citrine and carnelian — were included because they are associated with Her fire and sun goddess aspects, as well as their tendency to offer healing and creative energy. Sunstone, in particular, is sacred to Her. More

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