Brighid’s Flame

Brighid’s Flame is incredibly sacred for many of Her people, whether they be nuns, priests, priestesses, flamekeepers, Her children, devotees… My husband and I, both devotees of Brighid, have a wee candle lit from a candle that was lit from a candle which was lit from Her Flame in Kildare in Ireland. It is said that Her Flame is held in the wick of every candle lit from it.

We would love to share our bit of Her Flame with you. This service includes shipping you a wee candle (a Chanukah candle, a little bigger than a large birthday candle) lit from ours. We/I will also say a prayer for you while lighting your candle, and then burn a tealight candle for you on our altar. This will be done on Sundays, during our flamekeeping shifts or on other holy days.

We aren’t doing this to capitalize on our goddess or turn a profit — we’re just asking for a few dollars to cover our supplies and as an energy exchange, a small gift for a gift.

At least $2 of each $5 purchase from this listing will be added directly to our moving fund. You can read more about what else I’m doing to get us to the Pacific Northwest here. I plan on offering actual handmade and decorated candles once we have found our way to the Pacific Northwest and are no longer in transition.




For those who may be new to using affirmations, they can be a form of manifestation… Fakin’ it ’til you make it, in a way. Once you attune yourself to your desired beliefs, you become open to receiving the gifts that come with them. 

FAQ: Clearing Negative Energy {My Quickie Answer}


I have folks get in touch very frequently to ask me if I can advise them on how to get rid of negative energy attached to themselves, in their homes, etc. Unfortunately, I usually don’t have the time or energy for much in the way of personal advice other than to recommend gemstones that I can incorporate into jewelry (obsidian and onyx are usually the first that come to mind)… But what I can do until I have time to write an article, is recommend that you try using sage for smoke cleansing.

(To avoid confusion, since this is geared toward newbies… Smoke cleansing is what’s commonly referred to as smudging. Some folks believe that use of the term “smudging” should be limited to indigenous people and the way that they perform traditional smoke cleansing rituals, so I’ve tried to get myself in the habit of using the term “smoke cleansing,” because I’m not looking to offend anyone or appropriating anyone else’s culture. However, I am human and frequently deal with intense brain fog, so I apologize in advance if I ever slip. It has nothing to do with lack of respect.) More

Principles of Magick


I keep finding interesting-sounding stuff on Amazon when I look at what people have been ordering through my links. I just came across this book in my stats and thought I’d share it with you. The print version is not very expensive, but if you click through to the Kindle version, it’s currently just 99¢! I haven’t read this book, but if you have, I’d love to hear your input!

Click here for more info ~

* Please double-check the price before ordering the eBook, as it is one-click rather than a full checkout process. I’d hate for you to have an unpleasant surprise, and eBook prices do sometimes change drastically.

Witchy DIY: Protection Talisman


Here’s an idea for a magical project with which kids can easily be involved. Make a ring of protective stone beads on large memory wire (the kind intended for necklaces) ~ I used large garnet and amethyst beads, both stones being known as warrior’s gems that were often carried into battle. In between are hematite beads, for grounding. From this I hung a number of charms representing peace, protection and my spirit family, on an assortment of lengths of chain.

You could hang yours on a sturdy hook over your altar or by your door, or leave it on the altar like mine. I like to light large red candles used in protection spells inside the ring of this protective talisman, to recharge the piece for its intended work. Children, even small ones, can help string the beads. If your beads are large like mine, they’re even easier for small hands. They can also help choose the charms that are used.

This would be a really cool DIY gift project for a loved one moving into a new home, a family member moving out into their own home, a young family welcoming a new baby, etc. It can also be very rustic, elegant or anywhere in between, depending on the materials that you choose.

Magic Art: Owl in Rowan Tree


Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Magic Art: Owl in Rowan Tree Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

So I’m a big fan of using art in spells/energy work, and I thought I’d share a project that I did a while ago. Perhaps this will inspire some of you.  More

Witches’ Birthday Wishes

✫*¨*.¸¸.✶* Witches’ Birthday Wishes ✫*¨*.¸¸.✫

Hubby and I did something new for our birthdays this year, starting a sweet tradition that I hope we continue for many years.

We met online, and one of the first times that we got to hang out in person, we saw shooting stars, within a couple days of my birthday. These days, shooting stars and wishing upon a star have special meaning to me. So I got these sweet little star candles for the birthday cakes that we made each other this year. We each made our wishes when we blew out the candles. Then, today, being Sunday and a full moon, it felt like the perfect time to move on to phase two of our wee birthday ritual.

We removed the wicks and sticks from the candles and piled them on top of a small pillar candle. Holding hands and focusing our intentions, we lit the candle.

“May our wishes and dreams come true.”

That’s it! We’ll continue to add our energy to the candle as it burns.

We are generally working with Brighid when we are doing energy work or performing spells, but you could take this idea and run with it, adding any elements or entities that make sense to you. We did ours together because our birthdays are just a few days apart and our fates are so deeply entwined.


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