Tuesday sneak peek & new deal ~ save 20%!

Hello, friends! Here’s what I’ve been up to today… I would love to hear what you think! From what you can see here, which piece is your favorite?

Left to right…
~ “Witchy Hippie” triquetra necklace with raku beads, lepidolite, fluorite, howlite & peace sign beads
~ “Divine Femininity” chunky necklace with Swarovski crystal pearls, pink glass crystals, silver-plated spacers & pewter spirals
~ simple, elegant necklace with raku beads, Swarovski crystal pearls & blue glass crystals
~ “Shades of Purple” necklace with pale purple seed beds, amethyst, lepidolite, clear glass crystals & Swarovski crystal pearls
~ tree of life necklace with raku beads, howlite, blue goldstone, blue glass crystals & wee pewter goddess

I think the purple piece is my personal favorite of the bunch, but I really like the whole batch this morning!

Stop by my shop to see if there’s anything you’d like to snag using the new coupon to save 20%… Or drop by my Facebook page and play catch-up with my recent posts if you have a few moments. Your interaction with my posts — especially thoughtful comments — really goes a long way to boost my signal, keep us connected and let me know what you want to see! I am continuing to deposit at least 50% of sales — after fees and necessary B&B-related supplies/costs — straight into our moving fund. All purchases are a huge deal to us, with less than 5 weeks ’til we head off to our new home!

Thanks so much for your support! I appreciate you and your interest in what I do. ♥


Auction ending tomorrow night!

I just added a few new auction-exclusive items to the auction yesterday. Please visit the event page to check them out, along withe the rest of the 40 items currently listed.

If those bids keep coming in today, I’ll post more brand new auction-exclusive items tonight. Please keep on sharing the items and inviting friends to the event… There’s just a little over a day and a half left, and whether we are able to embark on our new beginning in our new home in October depends very much on the success of this auction!

Remember, the auction ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PM EDT (Eastern time)!

Fimo Lotus Bead Bracelet with Hematite & Pink Swarovski Crystals

This piece features fimo lotus flower beads with hematite (both magnetic, to promote circulation, and non-magnetic) and dazzling pink Swarovski crystals.

The Home Project: OOAK Art Pendant & Gemstone Necklace for Brighid

The pendant, featuring Brighid Herself, was made by Esther Remmington Fantasy Art from a tiny archival quality print of her original art.

The necklace features golden Swarovski crystal pearls, faceted aventurine beads in multiple shades and sizes, rich carnelian in two sizes, large golden calcite beads, golden Swarovski crystal pearls, silver plated spacers and pewter Celtic knot beads.

The Home Project: Golden Goddess Aventurine Necklace for Brighid

This piece was made during a shift tending Brighid’s Flame. The pendant, featuring Brighid Herself, was made by Esther Remmington Fantasy Art from a tiny archival quality print of her original art.

The necklace features golden Swarovski crystal pearls, tiny faceted green glass crystals, faceted aventurine beads and shimmery dark gold Preciosa seed beads.

Aventurine is generally considered a stone of luck. It can be helpful for dreamwork and maintaining a positive state of mind. Green aventurine is a calming stone, helpful in bringing about inner peace. It has wonderful healing energy, useful for ailments of the eyes and lungs. Use green aventurine to balance the heart or third eye chakras. This is an all-around wonderful stone, helpful in so many ways!

Peace, Love & Metamorphosis: Sweet Hippie Necklace w/ Raku Beads


This OOAK necklace features small peridot, sunstone, quartz and amethyst beads, wood, tiny hematite spacers, faux howlite peace signs, raku-fired tree of life beads and lotus focal, large fancy citrine beads, pewter and pink Swarovski crystal butterflies, two large natural blue labradorite beads, and pressed Czech glass butterflies and flowers. The findings are all silver-finished pewter; everything is strung on sturdy 49-strand nylon-coated steel flexwire.

This piece has really sweet, fun energy. For more pics/info or to order: http://bit.ly/1iCEc6u.

The total length is about 26″.

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