Spring has Sprung: Elegant Aventurine & Fancy Silver Leaf Necklace


This elegant necklace combines faceted green aventurine beads with wee peridot glass crystals and silver-plated spacers and accent beads. The square silver beads feature a beautiful sun design; there are also a few oak leaf beads in the upper portion of the necklace. The large leaf pendant is just lovely; suspended from it are several glass crystal baubles, as well as an aventurine bauble hung from the tip. Additionally, there is an aventurine cabochon in silver plated setting in front of the leaf.

All metal components are silver-finished base metals or Tibetan silver.

The length is approximately 23″, including the lobster clasp. The pendant hangs down about 4.25″ from the beaded strand.

As with most of my necklaces, this piece could easily be shortened at no extra charge. Please allow extra time for making alterations, and contact me prior to purchasing to make sure that I am able to fulfill your request. If you require a longer length, please purchase an inexpensive extender chain from the add-on section of my shop or get in touch to discuss a custom order.

Everything is strung on sturdy, flexible, nylon-coated 49-strand stainless steel beading wire.


Bright Heart: Rhodonite & Rose Quartz Necklace with Raku Sun


Bright Heart: Rhodonite & Rose Quartz Necklace with Raku Sun

This unique necklace combines tiny, lushly faceted rose quartz beads with wee rhodonite rounds; large “cherries and cream” rhodonite and grey quartz flowers; large disco ball faceted rose quartz beads; shimmery clear Preciosa Czech glass seed beads; and a striking grey and dark pink raku-fired ceramic sun pendant. The findings are hypoallergenic; the crimp beads are sterling silver, while the large high-quality clasp and jump rings are jewelry-grade stainless steel…

Wear any of my pieces for their metaphysical properties, or just because you think they’re pretty! You can also turn any beaded bracelet or necklace into prayer beads if you’d like, by simply shifting your perspective.

The total length, including the clasp, is just about 23.5″. Please allow room for chunky beads; if needed, there are extender chains available in the add-on section of my shop. The final photo shows this piece with a US quarter dollar for size reference.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It can help open us to all forms of love; its energies are useful in boosting self-confidence and self-worth. Rose quartz is a powerful but gentle healing stone and can specifically help with encouraging self-awareness, dreamwork, trust, harmony and dispelling negativity. It is also often used in fertility magic.

Rhodonite is named after the Greek word for rose, because of its pink and reddish hues. It has a strong connection to the heart chakra, so it is wonderful for balancing and healing related to emotions, relationships, etc. Use to foster unconditional love and forgiveness, and for emotional balance in general. Wear to help you hold onto patience and calm during stressful or traumatic periods; it can also be quite helpful in fostering self esteem, self confidence, self love, and encouraging compassion. Darker shades of rhodonite have been reported to be especially helpful with issues related to hormonal imbalance. Some find the stone helpful with inflammation, arthritis, lung ailments, fertility and joint-related issues. Also known to help with detoxification and skin problems. Meditate with rhodonite to help you discover and learn how to use your inherent gifts. Eases impatience and helps ground negative energy away.

Fimo Flower Bracelet with Purple Glass Flowers & Silver Accents

This piece features fimo flower beads with shimmery clear Preciosa seed beads, Tibetan silver suns/daisies and purple Czech pressed glass flowers.

Catching Up

I’ve been a bit frazzled and slow recently, thanks to the heat… Sometimes that means that I forget to post here or choose to post less frequently, since most of my engagement is on Facebook, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to stay on top of everything and also set up an email newsletter. In the meantime, sometimes I post stuff like this… Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to very recently. If you pop over to my shop, you can check out the items I’ve placed in my newly created clearance section, as well as some newer pieces not shown here. I’ve also posted some new charms and pendants on FB, which are available for custom orders.

I’d really love to hear what you think of any of the new pieces!

The last of the big batch!

The rest of my recent batch of non-beaded creations has now been added to the shop! ♥

More new pieces!

More new pieces in the shop, and still more to come! ♥

Sun Goddess Prayer Beads with Sunstone & TierraCast Goddess


This beautiful necklace was made with prayer beads and the goddess Brighid in mind, but they can be worn however you’d like. Sunstone has wonderful, gentle healing energy and there are some lovely, sparkly specimens in this piece! The sunstone beads are paired with shimmery soft yellow Preciosa Czech glass seed beads, as well as Tibetan silver and silver plated accents/findings. The wee goddess charm is TierraCast.

For more info or to order: http://bit.ly/1iEzy88

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