Shipping, new Facebook group & gifts for you!

I’m working on packing up dozens of orders from the auction at the beginning of the month, as well as some other orders. This includes all of the custom pieces I’ve been sharing, but not any fundraiser grab bags just yet. I apologize for being a bit behind… I’ve been quite busy and a bit overwhelmed, to boot! I am trying to get all of your orders shipped out by Saturday, but I will post an update if that should change for any reason.

Last night, I started a new Facebook group for those of you who follow me there but have been frustrated about not getting my posts in your feed. I hope to see some of you there!

I also wanted to share these lovely gifts with you. Until I run out (which should be well after I’ve caught up on orders that currently need to be shipped), I am including a free sodalite tumble and a cuppa tea on me in every package! Use the code “FREESHIP” for free US S&H on any order of at least $15.

2015-06-22-Gift-SodaliteAs always, sending you all much love and wishing you only the brightest of blessings!

❤ Bri


New Pieces & Shipping

Good morning, sunshines! I’ve been working on lots of new goodies, so I wanted to share some of them with you before I catch some sleep this morning. 🙂 Most of the following pieces are currently available in my new shop! Use the code “GRANDOPENING” to take 30% off your order through the 15th, and remember that 10% of all sales will be donated to a pair of great causes this month — True Colors Fund and an autism-related org to be announced.

I’ll be heading to the post office tomorrow, unless inclement weather causes a delay, and will be back to my normal schedule of shipping every 1-2 weeks. Orders placed by midnight tonight (Pacific time) will ship tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me the past few weeks while I’ve been especially low on spoons!

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!
❤ Bri

To The Moon & Back: 2-Pc Set for Intuition & Emotional Healing

Originally made for a custom order, this set is now available for sale because I am making alterations to the design for the customer. 

This piece features hematite, moonstone, golden rutilated quartz, blue labradorite, amethyst and sodalite. The pendant is hematite, with a single moonstone bead suspended in front of it.

Labradorite is a wonderful stone for protection, sealing energetic leaks, intuition, working on psychic gifts and connecting with your inner/higher self. It is an often-favored crystal among shamans, healers, energy workers and psychics.

Moonstone was used in love spells and to divine the future by ancient people. It is universally recognized as having a connection to the moon and the divine feminine. Use it to enhance intuition and soothe anxiety. Use moonstone to aid in relief of symptoms related to hormonal issues, to help you find luck in a new beginning, or to enhance creative inspiration.

Sodalite is a stone of creativity, inspiration and protection. This is a stone of healing, balance and harmony among groups of people. Sodalite is associated with water, wisdom and intuition, the throat and third eye chakras. Use it to ease anxiety and learn how to trust your own instincts.

Amethyst is calming, harmonizing, and good at drawing peaceful energy. It is a wonderful healing stone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amethyst can be used to aid in all kinds of psychic work, including enhancing one’s intuition. It can be used to protect travelers and to ward off psychic attack. Like garnet, amethyst was often worn or carried into battle as a protective amulet.

Hematite is a very grounding stone, often used in various forms of healing. Black and similar, dark colors are associated with the root chakra, which governs our relationship with the physical world and self-preservation.

For more info or to order:

Customer Feedback: Therese


Therese, thanks so much for your support and sweet feedback! I’m so glad that you’re both happy with your new pieces. ♥ Wishing you many blessings as well!

If you’ve purchased, won or been gifted a piece of my jewelry, I’d love to see and share your feedback and/or pics as well!

Triquetra Necklace with Sodalite


Here’s another piece heading out to Larrolynn soon! ♥

Triquetra Necklace with Gemstone Charms


Here’s an idea that I love, based on Jen’s custom order. This one has rose quartz and sodalite, but I have a variety of gemstone choices. ♥

New Bits & Pieces!


Look what I got in the mail yesterday! The top left cabochon settings (which hold 5mm cabs) are finished in oxidized brass; the ones on the right are finished in oxidized silver. The stones are the same on both sides…

Top row, L-R: onyx, blue goldstone, sodalite.
Middle, L-R: aventurine, moonstone, tiger’s eye.
Bottom, L-R: rose quartz, peach moonstone, carnelian.
Also available but not pictured is amethyst.

I also just restocked my oxidized silver faerie charms (I generally use the large ones for necklaces and the wee ones for earrings) and the tiny oxidized brass skulls shown in the bottom portion of the image. The large faerie sits atop a US quarter dollar for size reference.

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