New baubles & fundraiser ending!

Now that hubby’s been bouncing back a bit, I’ve been able to jump back into beading mode, and I’ve got some unique new baubles to share with you. Here are the pieces added to my shop yesterday, along with a custom necklace.

After another few days working on pieces for the shop — some of which may also end up in grab bags next month — I’ll be focusing on catching up on custom orders again. I’ll also be going to the post office this coming week and will be announcing a flash sale for tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re looking for a deal.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere are the new pieces that I worked on last night! I’ll be listing them in my shop today… As each item is listed, I post them on Twitter and Pinterest. I try to keep up with Instagram as well, but sometimes I fall behind because I get frustrated typing on a little touchscreen. I also post the new pieces to Facebook within 24 hours of being added to my shop, but I have to spread those out or none of my posts are seen by anyone, so they’re not usually posted immediately after the pieces are listed. So you have several options for following along!

I’d love to hear what you think of these pieces, and which is your favorite. (My reach on Facebook has been sinking again, so if you have a minute to join the conversation over there and perhaps show some of my other recent posts some love, that would mean the world to me.)

Our fundraiser has just a few days left, and the prospects for meeting our goal are not looking good. If you’d like to take a look, please visit the campaign page and consider whether you may be able to contribute. There are some awesome rewards available for everyone who does! I’ll be planning another fundraiser soon, most likely in the form of a sale event or auction, to help us get the funds that we need to replace AJ’s work laptop and get a platform so that our bed is no longer a mattress on the floor. (We are incredibly grateful to have a decent mattress, but it’s hard for us to get up and down with a mattress on the floor, both having chronic pain.)

Thank you all for being here, being you, and being awesome! I am so blessed to have such an amazing network of friends and supporters, and I am so grateful that you’re here.

Much love and many blessings,

Sterling Tree of Life Necklace with Aventurine, Wood & Hematite

This piece features faceted aventurine beads paired with wood and hematite spacers, along with a stunning 16mm sterling silver tree of life pendant. The pendant bail and crimp beads are sterling silver; the clasp and jump rings are sturdy, non-tarnish stainless steel.

Nature’s Heart: Necklace with Aventurine, Prehnite, Copper & Shell

This piece features aventurine, brown shell discs, gorgeous faceted prehnite beads, copper spacers, faceted Czech glass beads and a lovely heart-shaped handmade ceramic tree of life pendant by Beadfreaky.

Love in the Forest: Calming Prayer Beads with Moss Agate & Howlite


This piece is now available in my shop, and ready to ship by the 17th. ♥

For more info or to order:

Sunrise by Jamie R. Doyle Photography


As I work to finish getting the sleep out of my eyes and bones, I thought that I’d share this gorgeous sunrise from Jamie R. Doyle Photography. If you’re within driving distance of Boston, please consider getting in touch the next time you need a photographer. She’s just wonderful! ♥ If you have a moment to pop over and have a look at her work, please let Jamie know that I sent you.

Sacred Spaces: Becky


Thanks so much to Becky for sharing her photo and the following…

“When I got married, I moved to a place 12 hours away from everyone I knew, onto an acreage. I was very lonely at first and needed someplace to just be able to take my stones and my happy box and relax. Then, after I was done, I would curl up on the blanket I brought with me and read for hours. The entrance is a natural arch that makes me feel like I’m walking from this world into a special space. I feel the strength and the calmness that seeps into every pore. In 2 of the trees I have put carnelian, and in opposing trees I have put a tigers eye and a crystal clear quartz. They never get moved.”

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Find your strength…


Is there a place in nature where you go to tap into your strength or get grounded when it’s difficult to do so? I have a tree friend who I visit to get rid of my pain and reinforce my strength from time to time. I bring offerings of Mugwort tea, honey and fruit for the spirits and animals there.

Image: Magickbaby )o(

I love this!


Image source:

Bats & Sunshine


Wow! This stunning photo has been all over my Facebook feed this morning. It’s not often that I’ve come across a photo of bats in bright sunshine.

Photo: Steve Parish