Quiet Strength: Mjolnir Necklace with Rhodonite & Pink Lepidolite


This unique necklace combines pink faceted glass crystals with softly faceted pink lepidolite beads; “cherries and cream” rhodonite and grey quartz flower beads; and silver-lined ruby red Preciosa Czech glass seed beads with a pewter Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) pendant. The findings, including lobster clasp, are all silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

Wear any of my pieces for their metaphysical properties, or just because you think they’re pretty! You can also turn any beaded bracelet or necklace into prayer beads if you’d like, by simply shifting your perspective.

The total length, including the clasp, is just about 21″. Please allow room for chunky beads; if needed, there are extender chains available in the add-on section of my shop. The final photo in the listing shows this piece with a US quarter dollar for size reference.

Lepidolite is a type of mica; its name comes from the Greek words for “scale” and “stone”, as it is often found in scale-like formations. It is a wonderful stone for calming, relaxation, forging trust and finding balance. This is a great stone to help you make your way through a period of transition. Wear to foster self-love, patience with oneself and others, success in business, and purging of negative or harmful emotion that no longer serves you. Use to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and other potentially debilitating mental health issues — but be warned that the effects can be swift and intense, and only wear it when you are ready to activate its energy in your life. Can help ease hormone imbalances, immune system issues and more; can also be used for general healing. Wonderful for dreamwork and forging connections with the divine, spirits and our higher selves. Useful for chakra balancing, especially the heart, crown and third eye.

Rhodonite is named after the Greek word for rose, because of its pink and reddish hues. It has a strong connection to the heart chakra, so it is wonderful for balancing and healing related to emotions, relationships, etc. Use to foster unconditional love and forgiveness, and for emotional balance in general. Wear to help you hold onto patience and calm during stressful or traumatic periods; it can also be quite helpful in fostering self esteem, self confidence, self love, and encouraging compassion. Darker shades of rhodonite have been reported to be especially helpful with issues related to hormonal imbalance. Some find the stone helpful with inflammation, arthritis, lung ailments, fertility and joint-related issues. Also known to help with detoxification and skin problems. Meditate with rhodonite to help you discover and learn how to use your inherent gifts. Eases impatience and helps ground negative energy away.


New pieces listed today!

I’d love to hear what you think of this new bunch of pieces! There’s a little something here for a variety of styles. 🙂

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLet Go & Let Love In: Rose Quartz Necklace with Faerie Art Pendant

This lovely necklace features sparkling pink glass crystals, rose quartz and shimmering lime green seed beads, with a gorgeous art print pendant by Esther Remmington. All findings are silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is just about 24.75″.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. It can help open us to all forms of love; its energies are useful in boosting self-confidence and self-worth. Rose quartz is a powerful but gentle healing stone and can specifically help with encouraging self-awareness, dreamwork, trust, harmony and dispelling negativity. It is also often used in fertility magic.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMjolnir Necklace with Glass Crystals, Tiger’s Eye & Howlite Skulls

This striking necklace features ruby red glass crystals, tiger’s eye, howlite skulls and black seed beads, with an ornate pewter Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) pendant. All findings are silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is just about 25 1/8″.

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for protection; it is used to protect against the evil eye or Mal Occhio/Malocchio. It aids in clear thinking, insight, mental focus, patience, balance and strength. It is also very useful as a grounding tool.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAmber & Howlite Necklace with Ornate Key Pendant

This sweet and simple necklace features amber chips, howlite and shimmery clear Preciosa seed beads, with an ornate key pendant. All findings are silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is just about 20.75″.

Amber has wonderful metaphysical properties, including strong healing and protection energies. Wear to rid yourself of negative or funky energy, help yourself find emotional balance and allay fears. Amber is a solar “gemstone” (it is actually fossilized tree resin) which positively radiates warm, soothing energy; it is actually known for turning negative energy that it absorbs into positive healing energy. It is often associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras but can be used to help heal and balance any part of the body. Traditionally, amber has been used to seal a deal, including marriage, and has been carried by warriors and lovers for good fortune. It is used to foster unconditional love and heal emotional wounds. May help ease symptoms of digestive disorders, respiratory ailments, fibromyalgia and many other health concerns.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSkully Key Necklace with Snowflake Obsidian & Black Glass Crystals

This glam necklace features extra-glossy black glass crystals, snowflake obsidian, howlite skulls and black seed beads, with an ornate key pendant. All findings are silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is just about 25.75″.

Obsidian is a fantastic protection stone; it repels negativity and helps dissolve confusion and untruth. Obsidian aids in healing traumas and emotional wounds, including those from past lives. It is a stone of strength, compassion, honesty and clear sight. This is also a stone connected to death and rebirth, and its energy can aid in divinatory practice.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLovie Dovie Daisies: Necklace with Howlite & Rose Quartz

This lovely necklace features sapphire blue glass crystals, black-splattered turquoise glass beads, rose quartz, howlite and shimmery clear Preciosa seed beads, along with a polymer clay daisy pendant from LovieDovieMomma Creations. All findings are silver-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is just about 25.25″.

Howlite is a stress reliever, used for easing insomnia and quieting the mind. It can aid in astral journeying and gaining insight. Howlite is also useful for correcting negative behavior and absorbing anger. Additionally, this stone can foster patience and greater awareness.

I’ve also listed some earrings and bracelets. Visit my shop to find the listings for these new pieces.

New Pieces

After a very busy 2 days, this morning has seen 22 new items added to my shop! Here’s a peek, in no particular order… I’d love to hear what you think! (If you’re on Facebook, why not pop over when you have a sec to catch up on everything going on over there?) We are continuing to add at least 50% of all incoming funds from sales to our emergency moving fund, so every single sale is a HUGE deal to us. Thanks so much for all of your love and support, friends!

By Thor’s Hammer: Garnet & Tiger’s Eye Prayer Beads for Protection


This necklace features faceted tiger’s eye and garnet beads, silver-lined ruby red Preciosa seed beads, pewter Celtic knot accents, a large pewter Thor’s hammer pendant and tiger’s eye cabochon charm. The findings are all silver-finished pewter; everything is strung on sturdy 49-strand nylon-coated steel flexwire.

This piece has fantastic protective energy. The total length is about 18.75″.

The original piece has sold, but I can make replicas. Please get in touch if you’d like to order a piece like this, or a similar piece with custom materials.

Custom Healing Necklace


This piece will be heading off to Diane soon! ♥

Prayer Beads for Healing/Protection: Rose Quartz & Mjölnir Pendant


These prayer beads are infused with love, healing & protective energy. This piece has rose quartz beads in two sizes, mother of pearl hearts, freshwater pearls inside the hearts, silver-plated spacers, shimmery clear glass Preciosa seed beads and a large pewter Mjölnir pendant, with a silver sunburst toggle clasp.

I can swap the pendant on request. This one’s long, approximately 31.5″.

Customer Photo: Alex


Here’s Alex rockin’ his new Mjölnir and wolf necklace. It looks absolutely perfect on him! Thanks to Alex & Rachel for the support! ♥

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