New Jewelry

I made what I feel are some special new pieces during my most recent flamekeeping shift; you can get a peek at them above or head over to my shop to see details.  I would love to hear what you think!

A wee reminder… For the foreseeable future, at least 50% of all sales currently go directly to our moving fund to help us get to Seattle. Your support — whether purchasing, signal boosting or offering a morale boost — means more than you know. Thanks for being here and being amazing!

Throwback Thursday


Time for my #ThrowbackThursday post… I’ve been having so much fun with these on FB over the past few weeks, and I just realized I hadn’t shared them here! This was one of the first pieces I made, back in February of 2011. If I recall correctly, it was actually my first custom order! #TBT

Customer Feedback: Monique


Thank you, Monique, for your support and wonderful feedback! I am so glad that you are both happy, and I can’t wait to see your photos. ♥ [The piece on the left was a piece that I made for the shop; the one shown on the right here was a custom gift for Monique’s friend.]

If you’ve purchased, won or been gifted a piece that I’ve made, I would appreciate it so much if you’d share feedback and/or photos for me to post!

Ready to Ship


Look at what’s available in my shop right now! All of these pieces are ready to ship on my next post office trip, currently planned for the 20th, and most of them are priced under $25!

Click to browse:

Prayer Beads for Morrighan: OOAK Garnet Necklace with Lampwork Pendant


I just listed this new piece in my shop, and I am SO excited to share it with you! These prayer beads, featuring lots of gorgeous faceted garnet beads, knotwork patterned pewter beads and a teardrop-shaped lampwork glass pendant with silver lined ruby red seed beads, were made for the Celtic warrior goddess Morrighan. Made during my flamekeeping shift with Brighid, I felt close to both goddesses while working on these.

Click here for full info and a pic of the piece hanging, uncoiled:

Garnet, when gifted, fosters loyalty and affection. If stolen, the stone is said to bring bad luck until returned to the rightful owner. It is considered a warrior’s stone and has been carried for centuries in battle, as a charm against injury or death. Garnet is also often used as a talisman against negativity and evil, ranging from nightmares to astral attack. It is also a stone of romance and passion; it can be used to increase spiritual awareness or one’s sex drive.