The truth has many faces…


I just started reading The Mists of Avalon for the first time, and this quote from the prologue resonated with me so deeply that I was moved to share it with you. Of course our individual outlooks and choices inform where we find ourselves at the end of any path we walk, independent of those who may walk all or part of that path with us.

Being a place of great magic and powerful energy, I decided to jazz up one of my old photos from Old Burying Point in Salem for the occasion.



Today is a new day…


It’s a new day! My plan is to be productive, happy and kind… And to not let frustration get me down. ♥ What’s your plan for this day?

Image: CoolPeopleCare

Never give up!


I’ve been working on jewelry and contemplating this morning…

Hubby and I were lucky to receive help and kindness from friends and strangers when we were really down and out, with no reliable income. In almost two years, this business has grown to where it actually helps sustain us, even if sales are sporadic. Hubby has gotten good enough at his telecommuting job to warrant a raise.

We now no longer qualify for food stamps, and we rarely go hungry, after relying on food stamps and food pantries for years. We still forget, on occasion, how far we’ve come when we see how far we still have to climb in order to leave the south and return to a place where we won’t need to worry about who knows we are queer or who knows we are witches, where we will feel safe seeking help if we do need it again, where we will have reasonable access to public transportation, safe spaces and health care. More

Spread your wings…


This image is both a small offering of love to everyone who sees it and a tiny tribute to the late, great Freddy Mercury. ♥ I’d appreciate your assistance in helping this little butterfly travel far and wide!

Original photo by aexulans on deviantART; all changes are mine.
Text modified from lyrics to Queen’s “Spread Your Wings”.

Let it go…


I am not defined by my past; neither are you. Be who you have become, and shine on! ♥

Image: Lessons Learned In Life


It would be wonderful if we could all spend more time and energy praising and building upon our own and one another’s best qualities, wouldn’t it? Imagine what a different world it would be if people weren’t constantly tearing themselves and each other down. ♥

Image: Dalai Lama in Australia

Find your strength…


Is there a place in nature where you go to tap into your strength or get grounded when it’s difficult to do so? I have a tree friend who I visit to get rid of my pain and reinforce my strength from time to time. I bring offerings of Mugwort tea, honey and fruit for the spirits and animals there.

Image: Magickbaby )o(

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