Seaside Rendezvous: Gemstone, Pearl & 925 Silver Lighthouse Necklace

This piece features blue lace agate, blue labradorite and freshwater pearls with sterling silver spacers. The sparkling aqua crystals are Swarovski, in several shapes and sizes including tiny butterflies. The pendant is thick, sturdy, 925-stamped sterling silver. The findings are sterling silver.

The pearls were taken from an old pearl necklace that appears to be vintage; all other components are brand new. This would make a sweet wedding gift, as it contains the old and new, borrowed (the pearls) AND blue!

The Home Project


Hubby & I moved to TN to try to get back on our feet after being homeless – and then chronically on the verge of a return to homelessness – back in MA. We have disabling health conditions that prevent us from doing normal 9-5 work, but we have worked hard to forge stability. He has a part time telecommuting job that he has held for almost two years, and I’ve worked hard to build my jewelry business. Some months are tougher than others, but we have some stability now…

We just want to be somewhere that we have access to real health care options, and where we feel like it’s okay to be our queer, gender-variant, witchy selves. Our fairytale will come true when we are able to move to the Pacific Northwest and make a home for ourselves there. In an effort to turn our dreams into reality, I will soon be starting a new line of “Home” jewelry featuring these pendants; they will not be eligible for coupons, but at least 50% of each piece sold will go directly into our moving fund. Please get in touch if you’d like to pre-order a custom piece to help cover the cost of supplies so I can get this project going.

Thanks so much for reading!

♥ Bri, Baubles & Blessings

Images courtesy of Dragynsfyre, used with permission.

How do you deal?


I was having a bit of a down day yesterday, and one of the things I did to cheer myself up was to set this painting by Dot at Busted Button as my desktop image. I won a contest a while back where she was giving away a replica of her original Paris painting; I asked for the blue and green accents because they made me think of Brighid’s watery aspect, and spring/rebirth. Paris in the background makes me think of the day that we will finally leave TN and find home.  I haven’t actually gotten the painting yet; I’ve asked Miss Dot to hang onto it ’til we’re ready to move… So looking at it on the computer is comforting.

This is the sort of thing that helps bring me back to my usually cheery self when I’ve gotten bummed out about my current obstacles… Awesome friends and their art, and my sweet hubby. How do you overcome those moments?