Hearth Witch Tip: Bay Leaves


I’ve just discovered how amazing bay leaves are in the past year or so, as a medicinal herb, a spice and as a magical tool. I like to add them to soups that I make in my slow cooker and offer the leaves to my spirits in a small bowl of the soup. I also love the idea of writing your wishes on dried bay leaves and then burning them in a fire to send them to your spirits and/or the universe. ♥ What’s your favorite herb?


Free Kindle eBook: Making Herbal Remedies

Heya, lovelies! Look what I found on Amazon for you.  It’s free of charge at the moment, but please double-check to make sure you don’t have a surprise charge when downloading! Also remember that you don’t need a Kindle; there are free apps for pretty much all modern devices.



Source: Herbs, Health and Happiness

Herb Info: Basil


Source: herbs-info.com

Easy Home Remedies for Anxiety


Many of these are basic and may not help people with severe anxiety issues, but a reminder never hurts. I hope this is helpful to someone!