The Witchy Warrior Collection

All of the pieces of this collection are now listed in my shop, and are still available as I type!

Garnet, when gifted, fosters loyalty and affection. If stolen, the stone is said to bring bad luck until returned to the rightful owner. It is considered a warrior’s stone and has been carried for centuries in battle, as a charm against injury or death. Garnet is also often used as a talisman against negativity and evil, ranging from nightmares to astral attack. It is also a stone of romance and passion; it can be used to increase spiritual awareness or one’s sex drive.


Amethyst & Quartz Circlet


Here’s another custom piece, this one a headpiece for intuition, made for Rachel. ♥ I hope that she loves it!

I still have some spots remaining on this month’s custom order list. Please get in touch if you’d like to claim one.

A custom circlet for sweet Lucy…


I shared a sneak peek at the beaded portion of Lucy’s headpiece a while ago, but here’s the finished product, with its pretty dangles at the back. 🙂 I hope that she loves it!

Beaded Circlet with Kyanite, Aquamarine, Carnelian & Copper


Here’s a piece in progress… This will soon become my first-ever headpiece, a circlet for my sweet friend and customer Lucy.  I love how the beaded portion looks now that it’s done and can’t wait to see how the finished piece turns out!

This piece features kyanite, aquamarine, bright copper and carnelian beads.