Fundraiser Grab Bags & Huge Deals Ending Soon!

Hello, friends! I have finally gotten all of my questionnaires sent out for the fundraiser grab bag rewards. Please check your email and respond to the questionnaire at your earliest convenience if you’re due a reward. If you can’t find the email, please contact me via PM on Facebook, or send me an email so we can get you squared away.

I will be working on grab bags and the last remaining custom orders from before the custom order hiatus in the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your patience, everyone!

Most of my supporters primarily follow me on Facebook, but very few people have been seeing recent posts. I have a few special offers going on at the moment, and I’d like to share them in case you’re interested.

2015-05-20-50OFF~ Through Monday night, the code “50OFF” will give you a discount of 50% off any order of at least $50. The order must total $50 before the coupon is applied; S&H is not included in this total. Browse my new shop here.

~ I am also currently offering gift codes for my shop at a 25% discount. These codes can be used on any future purchase, but cannot be combined with additional coupon code savings.

~ It’s been a really tough few months for us financially. For any health-related purchases from our Amazon wishlist, I’ll be thrilled to offer you a gift code in the amount of your purchase plus an additional 25%.

~ You can also help by inviting friends to the FB event who you think may be interested in these offers!

Thank you so much for all of your support, friends! ♥