2014 Moon Phases


While this won’t be accurate for all time zones, it’s still pretty cool!

Image: Nick Wiinikka


Witches’ Birthday Wishes

✫*¨*.¸¸.✶* Witches’ Birthday Wishes ✫*¨*.¸¸.✫

Hubby and I did something new for our birthdays this year, starting a sweet tradition that I hope we continue for many years.

We met online, and one of the first times that we got to hang out in person, we saw shooting stars, within a couple days of my birthday. These days, shooting stars and wishing upon a star have special meaning to me. So I got these sweet little star candles for the birthday cakes that we made each other this year. We each made our wishes when we blew out the candles. Then, today, being Sunday and a full moon, it felt like the perfect time to move on to phase two of our wee birthday ritual.

We removed the wicks and sticks from the candles and piled them on top of a small pillar candle. Holding hands and focusing our intentions, we lit the candle.

“May our wishes and dreams come true.”

That’s it! We’ll continue to add our energy to the candle as it burns.

We are generally working with Brighid when we are doing energy work or performing spells, but you could take this idea and run with it, adding any elements or entities that make sense to you. We did ours together because our birthdays are just a few days apart and our fates are so deeply entwined.


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