Creative Blog Hop

Thanks so much to the talented Heather for thinking of me and inviting me to join her in this blog hop! I am just head over heels in love with Heather’s work and have enjoyed watching her get more and more into working on and sharing her gorgeous spirit dolls. I definitely recommend checking them out!

What am I working on?

At the moment, my main focus is on making a cross-country move happen, so things have been interesting. I’ve been doing all kinds of fundraising events like raffles and auctions… My big auction is actually ending tonight, and I’m trying to think of what I can do next to keep things fun and exciting for my amazing friends, fans and customers.

I’ve been working with lots of odds and ends lately, trying to use up supplies that I have on-hand and order only what I absolutely need because anything left when we head west is going to be shipped out ahead, since we’re flying. Logistics have been… Interesting. Anyway, having a more limited palette of supplies with which to work has actually been kind of cool, as it’s forcing me outside of my comfort zone a bit. I think I’ve been coming up with some cool designs; you can see some of the new auction-exclusive pieces below.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I like to think that there are original visual elements to my work, but I really feel that the energy is what sets my work apart. Many of my regular customers have become regulars — and friends — because they can feel the love and prayers that go into my work. I am honored and humbled by how many wonderful souls have told me that they have used my jewelry to help them find their paths and improve their lives in some way. I also feel that some of my best work comes through in custom pieces — which I love to work on — and pieces made during my shifts tending Brighid’s Flame.

Why do I create what I do?

My ultimate goals in this life, other than stability and health for myself and my spouse, are to help others in whatever ways are possible, and to do the work that is most helpful to the goddess Brighid — to whom I am primarily devoted — and the rest of my spirit family. As a person with disabling health issues, I am incredibly grateful that these things have come together in my jewelry design, crafting and energy work. I get to support my wee family while honoring and working with my spirits and making people happy, and that’s pretty amazing. I love what I do.

How does my creative process work?

I usually start with an idea/request for particular colors, gemstones or energetic/magical purpose, and I go from there. If I can’t think of specific stones for a purpose off the top of my head, there’s research involved. There’s also quite a bit of intuition, in just knowing that I’ve found the right combo of materials.

Where I live at the moment, I have a dozen 6-quart shoe boxes full of beads, findings and charms. They’ve been getting lighter as I’ve been trying to work through my current supply stash, but it’s a little bit insane. I try to keep things organized and easy to find, but it’s still a bit of a chore to move them across the room and set up every time I start working. Once we find our new long-term home, I look forward to once more having a setup where I can make things more accessible, so that it will be easier to get started, take breaks, etc.

I connect with my spirits before doing work, and usually have candles burning for Brighid to help me specifically connect with Her. Most of my work, once I start actually stringing, is meditative. I spend a lot of my working time in a very light trance state, though there are certainly times when I’m more physically unwell and have a hard time finding that groove, and other times when the connection is deeper and not much of me remains in this world.

I do apologize for rambling, and hope that this peek into my work was fun and interesting for some of you! Thanks so much for reading.


This is a continuous blog hop hosted by different artists/bloggers every week. Next week, I’ll be passing the torch to two awesomely crafty — and quite talented — ladies, Starla of Art by Starla Moore and Dot over at Busted Button.





For those who may be new to using affirmations, they can be a form of manifestation… Fakin’ it ’til you make it, in a way. Once you attune yourself to your desired beliefs, you become open to receiving the gifts that come with them. 

Hearth Witch Tip: Bay Leaves


I’ve just discovered how amazing bay leaves are in the past year or so, as a medicinal herb, a spice and as a magical tool. I like to add them to soups that I make in my slow cooker and offer the leaves to my spirits in a small bowl of the soup. I also love the idea of writing your wishes on dried bay leaves and then burning them in a fire to send them to your spirits and/or the universe. ♥ What’s your favorite herb?

Witchy DIY: Protection Talisman


Here’s an idea for a magical project with which kids can easily be involved. Make a ring of protective stone beads on large memory wire (the kind intended for necklaces) ~ I used large garnet and amethyst beads, both stones being known as warrior’s gems that were often carried into battle. In between are hematite beads, for grounding. From this I hung a number of charms representing peace, protection and my spirit family, on an assortment of lengths of chain.

You could hang yours on a sturdy hook over your altar or by your door, or leave it on the altar like mine. I like to light large red candles used in protection spells inside the ring of this protective talisman, to recharge the piece for its intended work. Children, even small ones, can help string the beads. If your beads are large like mine, they’re even easier for small hands. They can also help choose the charms that are used.

This would be a really cool DIY gift project for a loved one moving into a new home, a family member moving out into their own home, a young family welcoming a new baby, etc. It can also be very rustic, elegant or anywhere in between, depending on the materials that you choose.

Magic Art: Owl in Rowan Tree


Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Magic Art: Owl in Rowan Tree Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

So I’m a big fan of using art in spells/energy work, and I thought I’d share a project that I did a while ago. Perhaps this will inspire some of you.  More