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This piece features a stunning OOAK handmade polymer clay pendant by Deveon over at FaceARTifacts and will be listed in my shop soon. The beads are dragon vein agate, Czech glass and copper. I have several more of her stunning pendants to work with and I can’t wait! ❤

In other news, you can still use the code “BYE2015” to save 20% on all ready to ship jewelry in my shop! There are some gorgeous new OOAK pieces that have been recently listed, if you haven’t stopped by in a while.

It has been a very slow and difficult month for us, so I am also offering grab bags once again. In addition, I am always happy to discuss payment arrangements and custom orders. Just shoot me a PM through my FB page or contact me via my shop. All purchases support a hardworking disabled couple on a limited income, and we appreciate your support very much, whether that means sales or helping to get the word out!

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India: Rainbow Necklace with Quartz, Amethyst, Czech Glass & Art Pendant by Windy Paints

I don’t often post single pieces on the blog in their very own post anymore, but this one is special.

India Clarke was a transgender woman who was murdered this year. An alarmingly high percentage of violence perpetrated against members of the GLBTQ community occurs in the form of attacks on trans women, particularly trans women of color. The violence against these women — and the too-frequent loss of life — is beyond unacceptable, and this is my small way of trying to draw attention to the issue.

I will be donating $5 from the sale of this piece to TWOCC, Trans Women of Color CollectiveVisit the shop listing here for more info or to purchase.

The beads are a mix of shimmery clear Czech glass seed beads, faceted fire-polished Czech glass beads in rainbow colors, tiny quartz beads and large chevron amethyst. The pendant features a tiny hand-painted piece of art by Windy Paints, sealed under a glass cabochon.

Amethyst is a type of quartz. It is calming, harmonizing, and good at drawing peaceful energy. It is a wonderful healing stone, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Amethyst can be used to aid in all kinds of psychic work, including enhancing one’s intuition. It can be used to protect travelers and to ward off psychic attack. Like garnet, amethyst was often worn or carried into battle as a protective amulet. Helpful with past life recall. Really, amethyst is just a generally wonderful all-purpose stone!

Quartz, also known as rock crystal, is the most universally known and plentiful mineral. Quartz enhances the energy of other stones around it and is also excellent for use in finding balance, clarity and harmony. It is also used for healing, channeling, clearing negative energy and protection. Its energies can aid in meditation, divination, channeling, manifestation and more.

Today only, save 33%!

2015-03-29-Flash33From now until midnight Pacific time, use the code “FLASH33” to take a whopping 33% off your non-custom order from my shop!

We’ve got a friend visiting from out of town this week who’s offered to help us run errands Monday afternoon, so we’d like to be able to afford to do so and stock up on a few things that are normally difficult for us to come by! This would help us out a lot, as many of the buses here stop early and I have to do a lot of walking — with chronic pain and a cane for back support — to run certain errands on a regular basis… I love walking when I’m feeling up to it, but don’t always feel up to it when I need to do it. Anyway, that’s why this particular whopper of a discount will only be available for 24 hours. 😉

There are still earrings available in my shop that have been marked down as low as $4.99. You can use the code on them as well!

Here’s a look at some of the new pieces that I posted yesterday; as I type, all of them are still available. I’d love to hear what you think! Which is your favorite?

Witchy Warrior Headdress with Garnet, Copper, Czech Glass & Chain

I’m working on listing a selection of garnet and copper pieces that I made this morning. Hubby and I are at the beginning of a flamekeeping shift and I’d like to spend most of it working on new pieces and energy work, especially with the shift coinciding with the holiday, so I’m not certain how much I’ll actually post tonight… But I was so pleased with how this special piece turned out that I had to share it now. I’d love to hear what you think! (Please just overlook this morning’s very messy hair.) I also have a similar beaded necklace, along with several pairs of earrings and two pendant/chain combos inspired by the headdress.

(For anyone seeing this who missed my earlier post, you can still use the code “SAMHAIN” to take 31% off all ready to ship jewelry in your order.)

This luscious, regal headdress combines faceted garnet beads, bright copper and deep garnet Czech glass beads with shimmery dark gold Preciosa Czech glass seed beads. The findings and charms, including lobster clasp, are all bronze-finished steel or Tibetan silver, with the exception of the antiqued copper-finished feather charms and draped chain.

The energy in this piece is wonderful! I just adore garnet. I was also working with this piece hands-on for several hours, because it’s a new design/concept for me, and it was created on Samhain.

Wear any of my pieces for their metaphysical properties, or just because you think they’re pretty! You can also turn any beaded bracelet or necklace into prayer beads if you’d like, by simply shifting your perspective.

The total length, including the clasp, is adjustable from about 21.75″ to 24″.

2014-1031-Witchy-Warrior-Headdress1Garnet, when gifted, fosters loyalty and affection. If stolen, the stone is said to bring bad luck until returned to the rightful owner. It is considered a warrior’s stone and has been carried for centuries in battle, as a charm against injury or death. Garnet is also often used as a talisman against negativity and evil, ranging from nightmares to astral attack. It is also a stone of romance and passion; it can be used to increase spiritual awareness or one’s sex drive.

Copper tends to stimulate and encourage optimism, independence, harmony, luck, sexuality, intuition and general vitality. Copper is a wonderful conductor of healing energy and its properties are useful in many areas of healing.

Batty Family: Necklace w/ Snowflake Obsidian, Copper & Czech Glass

This lovely necklace features glass crystals, hand-painted ceramic bats, deep garnet red Czech glass beads and bright copper accents. All findings are bronze-finished steel or Tibetan silver.

The total beaded length, including the lobster clasp, is approximately 19.25″.

Metaphysically speaking, glass represents transformation, as well as communication, rebirth and the blending of elements. Think of how glass comes to be, with sand (earth) being formed into a new material with the use of fire, which cannot exist without air.

Copper tends to stimulate and encourage optimism, independence, harmony, luck, sexuality, intuition and general vitality. Copper is a wonderful conductor of healing energy and its properties are useful in many areas of healing.

Obsidian is a fantastic protection stone; it repels negativity and helps dissolve confusion and untruth. Obsidian aids in healing traumas and emotional wounds, including those from past lives. It is a stone of strength, compassion, honesty and clear sight. This is also a stone connected to death and rebirth, and its energy can aid in divinatory practice.


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The newest raffle — the last one planned before this weekend’s big auction — is now live! Click on the image to be taken to the event page on Facebook. The previous event also still has some tickets available. Get a free ticket to the raffle of your choice when you spend at least $20 in my shop, or grab a free ticket for a chance to win the necklace above when you buy 4 tickets for the previous raffle!

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