One week left in Chattanooga…

In case anyone missed the announcement linked to in this post, this is why I’ve been even quieter this week than in the recent past. Hubby and I are doing all kinds of last-minute packing and shopping for necessities on Amazon, since we have Prime (fast free shipping is our best friend for anything we need quickly) — and we are starting out utterly unprepared for the weather in the Northwest. I’m hoping to be able to make and post a few more pieces before I have to pack up my beads, but I’m not yet certain whether I’ll have the time. I’ll keep you posted.

I did make a green glass and unakite version of my beaded Witchy Warrior headpiece and necklace last night; I’ll try to get those listed soon. The headpiece was still very time-intensive, but the materials weren’t quite as spendy without the garnet, so the pieces will be priced a smidge lower, for anyone who may have been in love with the design but flexible on the materials.

In the meantime, our final flamekeeping shift in Tennessee will begin this Friday evening. If you’d like to help support our fast-approaching cross-country move and help us cover all of these related expenses, we’d appreciate it so much if you’d consider purchasing a candle (or a piece of jewelry) from my shop. All jewelry purchased by Monday will ship on Wednesday, before we head to Atlanta. Candle services purchased by Friday evening will be dressed, blessed and lit on our altar before our shift ends Saturday night.

Use the coupon code “TACOMA” to take 25% off all regularly-priced jewelry in your order!

As always, thanks so much for being here, being you, and being such an awesomely supportive group of amazing people!


Save 30% on everything in my shop!


Hello, my loves! Have you had your eye on something in my shop, but it’s just a wee bit out of your price range? Here’s your chance to snap it up!

Until I raise enough funds to cover transportation, exam and inexpensive 1-hour glasses, you can save 30% on EVERYTHING in my shop! Hubby and I have a flamekeeping shift starting tonight, so this would be the perfect time to purchase energy work services — there are two options for candles in my shop, and you’re welcome to contact me for custom energy work options as well.

The Home Project: Moving Fund Update


We’re getting there! We have tickets to fly to Seattle on October 20th, which is exciting and a bit scary! We still need to raise lots of funds to be able to afford to make this work, so I’m offering a coupon that will save you 20% on all ready to ship jewelry, all month long! Just use the code “SEATTLE” during checkout. I’m also working to keep my prices as low as possible on my new Halloween and Samhain-themed pieces, so please take a look at what’s new in the shop if you haven’t recently.

If you’re on Facebook, please pop by my page to see what’s new, and take a minute to interact with posts of interest to you to help boost my signal to other customers and fans. I appreciate your support so very much!

For those who haven’t seen the newest fundraiser yet, there is a page here on my blog, and I’ve also set up a corresponding Facebook event. You can RSVP if you’d like to show your support and be notified of updates as they’re posted. 🙂

Much love and many blessings to you all!
♥ Bri

Help us get to Seattle by Samhain!

After having a handful of folks express interest in the fundraiser idea outlined in my auction wrap-up post, we’ve decided to go ahead and start the campaign. We have less than five weeks to make this happen and a long way to go if we’re going to cover all of our bases, after all! I’ve just published the page with all of the info here. Please take a look if you’re interested.

I’m also running a sale in my shop this week! Check out this post for details:

As always, thanks so much for your support, friends!

Tuesday sneak peek & new deal ~ save 20%!

Hello, friends! Here’s what I’ve been up to today… I would love to hear what you think! From what you can see here, which piece is your favorite?

Left to right…
~ “Witchy Hippie” triquetra necklace with raku beads, lepidolite, fluorite, howlite & peace sign beads
~ “Divine Femininity” chunky necklace with Swarovski crystal pearls, pink glass crystals, silver-plated spacers & pewter spirals
~ simple, elegant necklace with raku beads, Swarovski crystal pearls & blue glass crystals
~ “Shades of Purple” necklace with pale purple seed beds, amethyst, lepidolite, clear glass crystals & Swarovski crystal pearls
~ tree of life necklace with raku beads, howlite, blue goldstone, blue glass crystals & wee pewter goddess

I think the purple piece is my personal favorite of the bunch, but I really like the whole batch this morning!

Stop by my shop to see if there’s anything you’d like to snag using the new coupon to save 20%… Or drop by my Facebook page and play catch-up with my recent posts if you have a few moments. Your interaction with my posts — especially thoughtful comments — really goes a long way to boost my signal, keep us connected and let me know what you want to see! I am continuing to deposit at least 50% of sales — after fees and necessary B&B-related supplies/costs — straight into our moving fund. All purchases are a huge deal to us, with less than 5 weeks ’til we head off to our new home!

Thanks so much for your support! I appreciate you and your interest in what I do. ♥


Back to School: Save 15%!


I have a new offer for you, my loves! Use the code “BACK2SCHOOL” to save 15% on all jewelry.

On another note, I am also still looking for questions for my next Q&A post. Please submit any questions you may have, whether serious or just for fun, and I’ll answer as many as possible next time around.

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