New Pieces & Giveaway Ending

Hello, lovelies! I’ve been busy adding some of my most recent creations to my shop; you can see them below, along with a couple of custom pieces.

My current giveaway is ending in just a few hours, at midnight PST. Additionally, you can still save 20% on your order and get it in time for Mother’s Day delivery… I’ll be shipping on the 2nd!

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Sneak peek time!

I was not quite so prolific this morning as I was yesterday, but I’m quite happy with how the pieces I did finish turned out. I would love to hear what you think of these! Which is your favorite?


Left to right…
– pink & green aventurine necklace with hand-painted flower charm by Windy Paints
– Steven Universe-inspired necklace #1 (garnet, amethyst & pearl beads in vial; the hematite star is for Steven!)
– “Frozen in Time” necklace: blue glass crystals, rainbow moonstone, raku tree of life beads, pewter spirals, blue lace agate cabochon on tree of life; sealed magical “snowglobe” vial with quartz points, tiny gemstone beads, mugwort & glitter
– Steven Universe-inspired necklace #2 (see above)
– necklace with blue goldstone, aqua crystals, silver daisies & hand-painted flower charm by Windy Paints

I’ll be listing all of these in my shop tonight!

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Connected: Goddess Prayer Beads with Labradorite & Blue Lace Agate

This piece features labradorite and blue lace agate; copper rounds and daisy spacers; and lovely, shimmery Preciosa Czech glass seed beads. The gorgeous ceramic goddess focal and tree of life accent beads are raku-fired, which has an unpredictable outcome that results in these brilliant color flashes in some beads. 

Seaside Rendezvous: Gemstone, Pearl & 925 Silver Lighthouse Necklace

This piece features blue lace agate, blue labradorite and freshwater pearls with sterling silver spacers. The sparkling aqua crystals are Swarovski, in several shapes and sizes including tiny butterflies. The pendant is thick, sturdy, 925-stamped sterling silver. The findings are sterling silver.

The pearls were taken from an old pearl necklace that appears to be vintage; all other components are brand new. This would make a sweet wedding gift, as it contains the old and new, borrowed (the pearls) AND blue!

Now Available for Custom Orders

I got a new supply order in last week. I stocked up on a lot of my most-used supplies and got some new bits and pieces as well. Here are some of the highlights; check out my recent Facebook posts for more info, or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 🙂

♥ Hamsa Hand Necklace Giveaway Winner ♥

Congratulations, Ruth! You have won the blue lace agate & hamsa hand necklace giveaway. ♥ Thanks to everyone who participated and helped boost my signal on this! If you didn’t win, have no fear… I’ll be starting another giveaway very soon!

Let’s connect… And a bit of catching up.

Let's connect!

I’m running a new giveaway! You can click here to enter via FB, or click on the image to be taken directly to the entry form hosted on rafflecopter’s site.

Tonight was the second night of Game Week, and it was a lot of fun! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for start times for upcoming evenings. If you want me to host games here on my blog, Pinterest or G+, I may consider that… But I’d need to see more activity on non-FB venues to convince me that it’s worth doing, as that’s the only place that people have generally been very active.

There is also a Mother’s Day raffle running on FB, and some other fun ways to interact. If you’re on FB and haven’t stopped by my page recently, please do! I’m working on finding more and more ways to keep things fun and interesting for fans there while also doing my best to expand to other networks so that there are more ways to keep in touch.

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