Imbolc blessings & February auction. ♥

Hiya, beautiful people!

I want to wish a very merry and blessed Imbolc to all who have already celebrated or are doing so this weekend, during astronomical Imbolc. We always observe holidays spoonie-style, spreading our rituals and other celebrations over several days so they’re less overwhelming. I’ve also spent much of the past week getting a round of shipping ready to head out this morning, so I’m looking forward to downtime with my sweetheart and our mama goddess this weekend. May Brighid’s blessing be upon us all.

If you had a package heading out this time around, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number sometime this weekend.

Just a heads-up: my February event is beginning on the 8th. Get your bid on and enter the contests by joining my event group. If you’re not on Facebook, I’ll be listing any new unsold items in my shop shortly after the end of the event.

Thank you all so very much for your support, friends! You are so much more appreciated than you could possibly know. ♥


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