It’s been a while…

I apologize for being so quiet over here. I’ve been sick, dealing with a lot more pain than usual, and I just haven’t had energy to keep up with a bunch of sites. Since Facebook is where most of my customers and fans are, that tends to be where my default attention goes. (You can also join my Facebook group.) I’ll try to be better about updating here in the new year.

In the meantime, all outstanding orders have been shipped aside from two custom orders that I’ll be getting to this week. I’m working on taking care of the remaining grab bags from our GoFundMe fundraiser, which I have temporarily reopened because the usual holiday boost in sales did not happen this year. It’s the middle of December and I’ve had a little over $200 in sales this month. Ouch.

This is tough for us, because we’ve been so sick and weak that we’ve had to take cabs to doctor’s appointments, which have been plentiful as hubby and I are both working with our doctors to finally get to the bottom of our chronic health issues. I recently had positive ANA and Sjögren’s test results, so I’ll be seeing my new rheumatologist in a couple of weeks. I’m really excited to finally be working toward one or more official diagnoses and the potential for feeling better after a decade of getting progressively sicker, but also kind of terrified about what they might be and what treatment options are going to look like on top of the med cocktail I already take for PCOS and other issues.

If you’re not big on the grab bag idea, I also have a sale running at the moment. For the rest of the year, use the code “BYE2015” in my shop to save 20% on all ready to ship jewelry.


Want to show your support but can’t shop at the moment? Interacting with my Facebook posts would be super helpful in extending my reach. Word of mouth is also amazing advertising!

If you love my work but nothing in my shop at the moment is calling to you, please feel free to contact me about a custom order. I’m also happy to make payment arrangements if you’re in love with a piece that’s a bit outside of your current budget.

As always, thanks for being here, being you and being awesome! ❤

Much love and many blessings,

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