Custom Order & Grab Bag Update

Hello, my dears!

I am just bursting with excitement and I had to share that I am almost completely caught up on custom orders, for the first time in over a year.

I now have 10 outstanding custom orders which I have not completed making, and the oldest of these is from March. I expect to have all of these orders ready to ship within a week or so, and am planning a huge post office trip; all outstanding custom orders, auction items and other recent purchases should be shipped out the week of the 22nd, barring any sort of unforeseen emergency.

I cannot even begin to express how exciting this is! Everyone who placed any kind of custom order before March can expect pictures within the next few days, unless I have already contacted you about a minor supply-related delay.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been so patient with me while I’ve been working to catch up after all of the craziness surrounding our move and getting settled into our new home! Once I get the rest of these orders taken care of and get some new pieces made for the shop, I’ll be focusing on grab bags from our housewarming fundraiser.

As always, my deepest gratitude for all of your love and support! Wishing you all many bright blessings.

❤ Bri


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