Special offer… Willing to haggle for quick sale! ;)

Heya, loves! ❤

We’re headed to an event tomorrow, and we’d be thrilled to have a little bit of spending money, maybe stop somewhere for lunch while we’re out. This is kind of a big deal…Between social anxiety and chronic pain, illness and fatigue, we often don’t get out much except to run errands.

Since the funds we have at the moment are earmarked for bills and meds, I have a proposition for anyone who might be in the market for new jewelry. I have some special offers pinned at the top of my FB page (and also in my previous post); if you’re interested in a piece but it’s still out of your budget with those deals, feel free to make me an offer for a quick sale. I am also happy to set up payment arrangements if you’d like to pay in installments.

As always, much love and bright blessings to each of you!


Time to play catch up… New pieces, discounts, upcoming auction & grab bags!

2015-05-27-MAY33Heya, friends! I recently sent out questionnaires for fundraiser grab bags, and I’ll be working concurrently on getting the first sets of grab bags together, working on the last of the older custom orders, and making new pieces for my shop over the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to get better about posting them here again as I make new pieces. In the meantime, if you are due a reward and haven’t found the email titled “Grab Bag Questionnaire”, please get in touch and let me know that you haven’t received it.

You can see my newest coupon codes to the left… Just enter the code of your choice during checkout via my shop, either “MAY33” to save 33% on any pre-coupon purchase of at least $25 OR “FREESHIP” for free US S&H on any order of at least $15. Both are good through the end of May.

I’m planning a jewelry auction for the first weekend in June, most likely running from the 4th through the 8th. Keep an eye on my FB page for details as I figure them out; the auction will take place on FB. (If you have a moment to stop by and show my recent posts some love to help boost my signal, I’d appreciate that very much too!)

Oh, and before I forget… For anyone who missed it, here’s the screenshot of the donations your purchases in April helped me to make! I posted this on FB and forgot to share it here a couple of weeks ago.

This isn’t everything I’ve made since my last major jewelry upload, but here are some of the highlights… Some of these are still available in my shop, and I’ll have more added soon! Among my personal favorites of this bunch are the marijuana bud necklaces. As a medical marijuana patient who went from being on high doses of narcotics and many additional pharmaceuticals just to be able to function, to now just using my MMJ and about half of the meds I was on previously — no more narcotics! — along with a healthier diet, I am amazed at how much better I feel.

I’ve been pleased by the response so far, and I’ll continue to make marijuana-themed jewelry because I am a firm supporter of the legalization of marijuana for medical, spiritual and recreational use… Your purchase of any of those pieces will help you show your support for marijuana reform, and will also help make sure that this patient doesn’t have to go without her meds. If there is enough response, I’ll also start donating a percentage of sales of these pieces to organizations working toward reform. If you have suggestions for great orgs that are underfunded, please let me know! I’m always thrilled to have a chance to pay it forward after all of the help we’ve received along our journey out of serious poverty and the chronic threat of a return to homelessness. More

Fundraiser Grab Bags & Huge Deals Ending Soon!

Hello, friends! I have finally gotten all of my questionnaires sent out for the fundraiser grab bag rewards. Please check your email and respond to the questionnaire at your earliest convenience if you’re due a reward. If you can’t find the email, please contact me via PM on Facebook, or send me an email so we can get you squared away.

I will be working on grab bags and the last remaining custom orders from before the custom order hiatus in the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your patience, everyone!

Most of my supporters primarily follow me on Facebook, but very few people have been seeing recent posts. I have a few special offers going on at the moment, and I’d like to share them in case you’re interested.

2015-05-20-50OFF~ Through Monday night, the code “50OFF” will give you a discount of 50% off any order of at least $50. The order must total $50 before the coupon is applied; S&H is not included in this total. Browse my new shop here.

~ I am also currently offering gift codes for my shop at a 25% discount. These codes can be used on any future purchase, but cannot be combined with additional coupon code savings.

~ It’s been a really tough few months for us financially. For any health-related purchases from our Amazon wishlist, I’ll be thrilled to offer you a gift code in the amount of your purchase plus an additional 25%.

~ You can also help by inviting friends to the FB event who you think may be interested in these offers!

Thank you so much for all of your support, friends! ♥

Merry Beltane! Save 33% & get free shipping!

Good afternoon, lovelies!

First, I would like to extend Beltane greetings to each of you, from me and AJ.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Merry Beltane! * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Wishing everyone Beltane blessings! We’ve shed the darkness of the winter and reawakened to the light half of the year. Today is a celebration of fertility and generosity, as both are important contributors to the abundance of the late summer and fall. In Medieval England, villagers would participate in a custom known as “bringing in the May”, in which they would go into the woods and gather flowers and greenery. The collections were used for decoration, as well as rituals involving protection. Beltane is one of the two times a year the veil thins, and it’s said that many would place rowan branches over their windows and doors for protection against unscrupulous visitors. It’s also said that, in some villages, flowers that were collected would be brought door-to-door and shared in exchange for delicious goodies, similar to trick-or-treating.

It was looked down upon for someone to be stingy with their food at this time, because the generous sharing of food, a sustaining substance, among the village was believed to be necessary “in order that the cosmic circuit of life’s substance may be kept in motion (trees, flocks, harvests, etc.).”* I believe in a similar concept, that it is through giving that we receive, and in this spirit, I invite everyone to join us in performing at least one act of generosity today. It doesn’t have to be monetary; give a few minutes of your time to someone who needs help with something, give of your heart to someone who needs some love, offer some extra patience to others while you’re out and about today. Come back to Baubles & Blessings later and share your contribution to the cosmic circuit of kindness and goodwill.

Bri & AJ

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Words: AJ Spellman
Image: Bri Crofton

*Williamson, J. (1986). The Oak king, the Holly King, and the Unicorn: the Myths and Symbolism of the Unicorn Tapestries.

Also, since sales were so slow in April and only two people took advantage of my 20% off Mother’s Day offer, I’ve decided to go bigger for Beltane! 😉 Use the code “MERRYBELTANE” to save 33% on everything in my shop; spend at least $33 after the discount and I’ll also refund domestic S&H. Orders placed today will be shipped out tomorrow, in plenty of time for Mother’s Day delivery.

Click here to browse the shop.

This offer will be good for just five uses or until Sunday night, whichever comes first.

Thanks so much for being here, being you and being awesome!
❤ Bri