Moving Shop

Hey gang! You may remember that I posted about six months ago about being unhappy with changes being made on ArtFire. I was definitely not alone, and they have continued to make changes that many sellers feel are unfair to us. I thought about moving to Zibbet, but wasn’t sure that it was the right fit for me, and we were so busy planning our move that I just couldn’t find the time to make a virtual move at the same time.

Now that ArtFire has removed images from sold listings, I am left with extra work to do, as I use images of materials, colors and such as visual cues in my custom order listings. I’m also not happy that more and more ads have been creeping up in the shop space that I pay for, or that customers are being directed to other shops when they click on an item that has been sold. So I am planning to close my ArtFire shop in about a month, and I’m left looking at options.

As a side note, I would just like to mention that I mean no disrespect to anyone who chooses to keep their ArtFire shop open. This is an extremely personal decision for anyone. My beef is solely with what I feel are poor decisions on ArtFire’s part, decisions that are not in the best interest of many of their sellers who have worked hard to build their shops and have been loyal to ArtFire for years, myself included. I would not encourage anyone to punish the individual sellers with a boycott of ArtFire or anything like that, but I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of opening a shop there to look elsewhere.

So, that said, I am thinking about giving IndieMade a shot. Do any of you have experience with IndieMade, as either a buyer or seller? I would absolutely love to hear what you think!

Thanks so much for your consideration and support. I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day! ❤



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