New video posted!

Finally, here it is, the new video of our space — with me in it!

Please be gentle; I’m pretty self-conscious about some things, but bit the bullet to be in the video because I love and appreciate you all so much, and I figured the least I could do was say thank you in person (or the closest thing to it).

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your amazing support and help in making our little apartment home!

If you’re able, please consider contributing to our fundraising campaign. Click here to be taken to the campaign page, for more details about our journey. The fundraiser will conclude at the end of March, so we’ve got just six days left to raise another $680 and meet our goal, which would help with all kinds of stuff from a new work computer for AJ to more comfortable chairs and a platform to turn our mattress into a real bed — so that we don’t have to sleep on or get up from the floor with chronic pain.

Again, thank you all so much for your support — be it in the form of prayers, purchases, contributions, signal boosts, or all of the above. You mean the world to us! Thanks for being part of the family.

Much love and the brightest of blessings to each of you!
Bri (& AJ)

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