Less than 3 hours left for our fundraiser!

Just three hours left, and $366 to go until we hit our goal! Can you help us get there? Please take a look at the campaign page and rewards… Even $5 would get us closer, and get you a reward!!

HUGE thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far!


Our elemental altar is making me smile. The tealight holders are Himalayan salt, chosen for both their warm glow and air purifying abilities. The dish contains water collected at the beach yesterday, which I plan to post more about soon. I feel so happy and peaceful right now! ūüôā


Last hours for our fundraiser & 33% off!

Hello, friends!

I have to say that I am shocked at the last minute support for our fundraiser! We are now suddenly nearly halfway to what we need to replace AJ’s dying work computer and get something sturdy to get our mattress up off the floor, whether that ends up being a box spring or platform bed — we are still weighing options. (We both deal with chronic pain, fatigue and joint issues, so this is a big deal.)

Huge thanks to EVERYONE who’s pitched in to help make our new apartment home!! If you have a moment, please click on the link below to check out the rewards — and consider whether you may be able to make a contribution before the fundraiser ends in a little over 7¬†hours.

Lots of love!

PS: The 33% off coupon has been extended and will work for another 4 hours!

Today only, save 33%!

2015-03-29-Flash33From now until midnight Pacific time, use the code “FLASH33” to take a whopping 33% off your non-custom order from my shop!

We’ve got a friend visiting from out of town this week who’s offered to help us run errands Monday afternoon, so we’d like to be able to afford to do so and stock up on a few things that are normally difficult for us to come by! This would help us out a lot, as many of the buses here stop early and I have to do a lot of walking — with chronic pain and a cane for back support — to run certain errands on a regular basis… I love walking when I’m feeling up to it, but don’t always feel up to it when I need to do it. Anyway, that’s why this particular whopper of a discount will only be available for 24 hours. ūüėČ

There are still earrings available in my shop that have been marked down as low as $4.99. You can use the code on them as well!

Here’s a look at some of the new pieces that I posted yesterday; as I type, all of them are still available. I’d love to hear what you think! Which is your favorite?

New baubles & fundraiser ending!

Now that hubby’s been bouncing back a bit, I’ve been able to jump back into beading mode, and I’ve got some unique new baubles to share with you. Here are the pieces added to my shop yesterday, along with a custom necklace.

After another few days working on pieces for the shop — some of which may also end up in grab bags next month — I’ll be focusing on catching up on custom orders again. I’ll also be going to the post office this coming week and will be announcing a flash sale for tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re looking for a deal.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere are the new pieces that I worked on last night! I’ll be listing them in my shop today… As each item is listed, I post them on Twitter and Pinterest. I try to keep up with Instagram as well, but sometimes I fall behind because I get frustrated¬†typing on a little touchscreen. I also post the new pieces to Facebook within 24 hours of being added to my shop, but I have to spread those out or none of my posts are seen by anyone, so they’re not usually posted immediately after the pieces are listed. So you have several options for following along!

I’d love to hear what you think of these pieces, and which is your favorite. (My reach on Facebook has been sinking again, so if you have a minute to join the conversation over there and perhaps show some of my other recent posts some love, that would mean the world to me.)

Our fundraiser has just a few days left, and the prospects for meeting our goal are not looking good. If you’d like to take a look, please visit the campaign page¬†and consider whether you may be able to contribute. There are some awesome rewards available for everyone who does! I’ll be planning another fundraiser soon, most likely in the form of a sale event or auction, to help us get the funds that we need to replace AJ’s work laptop and get a platform so that our bed is no longer a mattress on the floor. (We are incredibly grateful to have a decent mattress, but it’s hard for us to get up and down with a mattress on the floor, both having chronic pain.)

Thank you all for being here, being you, and being awesome! I am so blessed to have such an amazing network of friends and supporters, and I am so grateful that you’re here.

Much love and many blessings,

New video posted!

Finally, here it is, the new video of our space — with me in it!

Please be gentle; I’m pretty self-conscious about some things, but bit the bullet to be in the video because I love and appreciate you all so much, and I figured the least I could do was say thank you in person (or the closest thing to it).

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your amazing support and help in making our little apartment home!

If you’re able, please consider contributing to our fundraising campaign. Click here¬†to be taken to the campaign page, for more details about our journey. The fundraiser will conclude¬†at the end of March, so we’ve got just six days left to raise another $680 and meet our goal, which would help with all kinds of stuff from a new work computer for AJ to more comfortable chairs and a platform to turn our mattress into a real bed — so that we don’t have to sleep on or get up from the floor with chronic pain.

Again, thank you all so much for your support — be it in the form of prayers, purchases, contributions, signal boosts, or all of the above. You mean the world to us! Thanks for being part of the family.

Much love and the brightest of blessings to each of you!
Bri (& AJ)

Shipping update!

Hello, lovelies!

I’d like to take a moment to share a shipping update. Poor AJ has been almost completely out of commission for about two weeks thanks to plantar fasciitis and the soles in his old shoes going soft. We’ve finally gotten him a new pair with hard soles, but his condition got so bad — especially the pain in his legs and feet, which prevented him from getting quality rest — that he’s recovering more slowly than he has in the past.

This means that I’ve been in charge of just about everything around here, since he was already dealing with a brace on his dominant hand, thanks to an old injury acting up. That’s why — for those of you who see my Facebook posts — I was busting my butt, making and posting lots of custom pieces, when I first got my new supplies in… But I haven’t been posting much for the last week or so, because I’ve been busting my butt running all the errands, doing all of the cooking and cleaning around here, dealing with my own health issues and taking care of my sweetie.

Now that AJ has his new shoes, he’s slowly on the mend. I will be working on custom orders and pieces for the shop over the course of the next week, and will be going to the post office next week. I will then be resuming weekly to biweekly shipping. I really appreciate your patience while I get caught up! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and send any inquiries specific to your orders via Facebook PM or email to ensure that they reach me. It may take me some time to respond, but I will get back to you.

Please do not send energy directly to us without express permission, as we are empaths and even well-meaning energy is not always helpful to us. Praying on our behalf or lighting candles for us IS appreciated, should you feel moved to do something to help with healing.

On one last note, our housewarming fundraiser will be ending in one week, at 12:01 am Pacific time on April 1st. I cleaned the apartment last week and had it ready to shoot a video, but AJ couldn’t stand or walk, so he was unable to film. After lots of requests to see me/us, I’ve been planning to be in this video. Now that AJ’s begun to mend, we think we may be able to shoot tonight. So I’m tidying up now, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Please keep a lookout for that, and check out my recent posts for more info if you’d like to contribute to the campaign and receive some awesome rewards in thanks.

Thanks so much for your love, support and understanding! You all mean the world to us, ‚̧

Much love and many blessings,
Bri (& AJ)

Spring has Sprung: Elegant Aventurine & Fancy Silver Leaf Necklace


This elegant necklace combines faceted green aventurine beads with wee peridot glass crystals and silver-plated spacers and accent beads. The square silver beads feature a beautiful sun design; there are also a few oak leaf beads in the upper portion of the necklace. The large leaf pendant is just lovely; suspended from it are several glass crystal baubles, as well as an aventurine bauble hung from the tip. Additionally, there is an aventurine cabochon in silver plated setting in front of the leaf.

All metal components are silver-finished base metals or Tibetan silver.

The length is approximately 23″, including the lobster clasp. The pendant hangs down about 4.25″ from the beaded strand.

As with most of my necklaces, this piece could easily be shortened at no extra charge. Please allow extra time for making alterations, and contact me prior to purchasing to make sure that I am able to fulfill your request. If you require a longer length, please purchase an inexpensive extender chain from the add-on section of my shop or get in touch to discuss a custom order.

Everything is strung on sturdy, flexible, nylon-coated 49-strand stainless steel beading wire.

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