Flash sale & catching up!


Heya, friends! I just realized that I haven’t posted anywhere but Facebook for almost a month, because things have been so hectic with moving and everything related to it. Things should start settling a bit after we get internet set up tomorrow and I get all of my beads sorted and supplies restocked, and I’m planning on sharing the progress with you… We’ll be posting a wee video as soon as possible, to give you a tour of our new space so far!

I’ll be setting up an email newsletter as soon as possible, and am hoping to have some pretty exciting new goodies for you this year… Like the VIP memberships and goodie bags you can snag as rewards for contributing to our GoFundMe campaign. Every single reward level offers rewards worth more than the contribution required to claim the reward! (You can also RSVP to the FB event to receive updates there.)

I also have some other stuff to catch up on once we have regular internet service, like inbox/email messages; announcing monthly prize winners for the past few months; a new “Ask Bri!” Q&A post; the official wrap-up post for last month’s auction, and more, Please bear with me through the hiccups of getting situated, and I’ll have things back to normal — or better! — as soon as I possibly can. Thanks so much for your patience and support, everyone! It really means the world to us, This cross-country move has already been amazing for us, but it’s also been a bit of a huge undertaking — and we’re looking forward to being totally settled in.

Much love and many blessings to you for 2015! I hope that you all enjoyed whatever winter holidays you may celebrate, and that your year is off to a wonderful start.


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