Witchy Warrior Headdress with Garnet, Copper, Czech Glass & Chain

I’m working on listing a selection of garnet and copper pieces that I made this morning. Hubby and I are at the beginning of a flamekeeping shift and I’d like to spend most of it working on new pieces and energy work, especially with the shift coinciding with the holiday, so I’m not certain how much I’ll actually post tonight… But I was so pleased with how this special piece turned out that I had to share it now. I’d love to hear what you think! (Please just overlook this morning’s very messy hair.) I also have a similar beaded necklace, along with several pairs of earrings and two pendant/chain combos inspired by the headdress.

(For anyone seeing this who missed my earlier post, you can still use the code “SAMHAIN” to take 31% off all ready to ship jewelry in your order.)

This luscious, regal headdress combines faceted garnet beads, bright copper and deep garnet Czech glass beads with shimmery dark gold Preciosa Czech glass seed beads. The findings and charms, including lobster clasp, are all bronze-finished steel or Tibetan silver, with the exception of the antiqued copper-finished feather charms and draped chain.

The energy in this piece is wonderful! I just adore garnet. I was also working with this piece hands-on for several hours, because it’s a new design/concept for me, and it was created on Samhain.

Wear any of my pieces for their metaphysical properties, or just because you think they’re pretty! You can also turn any beaded bracelet or necklace into prayer beads if you’d like, by simply shifting your perspective.

The total length, including the clasp, is adjustable from about 21.75″ to 24″.

2014-1031-Witchy-Warrior-Headdress1Garnet, when gifted, fosters loyalty and affection. If stolen, the stone is said to bring bad luck until returned to the rightful owner. It is considered a warrior’s stone and has been carried for centuries in battle, as a charm against injury or death. Garnet is also often used as a talisman against negativity and evil, ranging from nightmares to astral attack. It is also a stone of romance and passion; it can be used to increase spiritual awareness or one’s sex drive.

Copper tends to stimulate and encourage optimism, independence, harmony, luck, sexuality, intuition and general vitality. Copper is a wonderful conductor of healing energy and its properties are useful in many areas of healing.


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