The Home Project: Seattle by Samhain Fundraiser Update


We are now up to $475 in donations through the Seattle by Samhain fundraising event! If you can, please consider making a contribution of whatever size is comfortable for you and help make our dream of home come true! We still have about $2,000 to go, and just a few weeks to make it happen.

As soon as recent contributions reach our bank account, I’ll be posting an official update. I’ve been keeping a running tally on the Facebook event page; RSVP there for more frequent updates.

If you can’t contribute financially at this time, please consider visiting Baubles & Blessings on Facebook to interact with recent posts and help boost my signal to other customers and fans. Purchases from my shop are also incredibly helpful. Thank you all so much for your support!

On another note, it’s about time for another Q&A post! Please comment here or get in touch on FB if you have a question you’d like me to answer. 🙂

Much love and many blessings,
♥ Bri


Fundraiser & flash deal ~ save 30% today!


After hubby and I spent some sweet time together last night, I’ve been trying to take today off as well, but I’m wound so tightly right now, worrying about coming up with enough funds to make this move happen — and keep us fed and medicated at the same time* — that I haven’t been able to let go enough to relax for very long… So I made a deal with myself, made a pretty picture, and after I share it I’m going to take a grounding shower and try to break from the computer for a good, solid chunk of time.

You can click on the image above if you’re on Facebook and you’d like to interact to help boost my signal there.

If you haven’t checked out the event page yet, please click here to visit the FB event, or here to check out the page on WordPress. If you can’t contribute financially at this time, please consider boosting my signal to help get the information in front of people who would care (and possibly be able to help) but aren’t being reached by my posts because of FB shenanigans. Thanks so much for your support, friends!

If you’re looking for a deal, I have a flash coupon posted on FB — for another 10 hours, you can save 30% on everything in my shop!

* To be clear, all contributions to the moving fund go straight to the fund!

The Home Project: Moving Fund Update


We’re getting there! We have tickets to fly to Seattle on October 20th, which is exciting and a bit scary! We still need to raise lots of funds to be able to afford to make this work, so I’m offering a coupon that will save you 20% on all ready to ship jewelry, all month long! Just use the code “SEATTLE” during checkout. I’m also working to keep my prices as low as possible on my new Halloween and Samhain-themed pieces, so please take a look at what’s new in the shop if you haven’t recently.

If you’re on Facebook, please pop by my page to see what’s new, and take a minute to interact with posts of interest to you to help boost my signal to other customers and fans. I appreciate your support so very much!

For those who haven’t seen the newest fundraiser yet, there is a page here on my blog, and I’ve also set up a corresponding Facebook event. You can RSVP if you’d like to show your support and be notified of updates as they’re posted. 🙂

Much love and many blessings to you all!
♥ Bri

Coming soon to Baubles & Blessings!


Here’s some of what I’ve been working on overnight… I’d love to hear what you think! I need to place this weekend’s supply order and receive new clasps to finish and list these, so they’ll be available in the shop mid-week or so.

Left to right…
~ “Baron Samedi” bone & skull rosary-style necklace, black
~ garnet & glass crystal bat necklace, clear seed beads
~ obsidian, glass crystal & skull necklace with large pentagram/pentacle pendant
~ garnet & glass crystal bat necklace, black seed beads
~ “Baron Samedi” bone & skull rosary-style necklace, silver-lined ruby red seed beads

Customer Appreciation Pics: Bryn

Thanks so much to Bryn for sharing all of these lovely photos of herself showing off her new pieces from Baubles & Blessings! I appreciate your support so much, hon!

I will be drawing at least one random winner of a $10 gift code each month from among everyone who sends in a customer appreciation pic! In fact, I’ll be drawing THREE winners from September’s submissions. (Only one pic per item per month counts as an entry, but feel free to send in as many entries as you want of yourself wearing different pieces from your B&B collection!)

If you’re new to me and my work, please check out my feedback and happy customers albums on FB — or the corresponding tags here — to see what my customers are saying and wearing.

Feedback: Bryn


There just aren’t words for how much I appreciate my amazing family of regular customers, fans and friends. Your faith in me and my work is always such a huge honor. Thank you all, and thanks so much to Bryn for this lovely feedback — and the photos she sent in, which I’ll be sharing soon. 🙂

If you’re having trouble reading the text in the image, here’s a transcription: “I adore every piece of jewelry I get from Baubles and Blessings, and it is rare that I leave the house without wearing a piece of jewelry from this shop. The energy in these pieces is so positive and caring. It feels great to wear them. I get compliments as well! I really love this piece, I had my eye on it for a while before I bought it. I really love wearing it, it goes with everything. I am so glad to be able to get things from this shop, the seller is amazing. She genuinely cares and will make your buying experience so awesome. Whether you buy a custom piece or a ready to order. I loved the little gifts that came in my package, and there is always a little thank you note as well! 🙂 Thank you so much for making and sharing this wonderful art!”

I have lots of feedback from Facebook, and I appreciate that SO much! However, for some reason, I have over 1,000 sales and almost 600 ratings on ArtFire, but only 7 reviews. If you were logged into an account when you made a purchase from my shop and you haven’t done so already, I would appreciate it so much if you’d log in and write a review! Big thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to do so!

Help us get to Seattle by Samhain!

After having a handful of folks express interest in the fundraiser idea outlined in my auction wrap-up post, we’ve decided to go ahead and start the campaign. We have less than five weeks to make this happen and a long way to go if we’re going to cover all of our bases, after all! I’ve just published the page with all of the info here. Please take a look if you’re interested.

I’m also running a sale in my shop this week! Check out this post for details:

As always, thanks so much for your support, friends!

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