The Home Project: Moving Fund Update

2014-0823-MovingFundThings have finally started moving again over the past few days. Thanks so much to the wonderful folks who have been supporting our fundraising efforts, whether that means purchasing jewelry or candle services, offering moral support or boosting my signal to help get the word out! Y’all are amazing!

There isn’t much to add this time around. It’s obvious that we won’t hit our $3,000 goal and be able to purchase our tickets this month, so we’re focusing on making sure that it happens in September and we’ll be on our way in October. I’m visualizing spending Samhain and our birthdays (early November) in Seattle and having the opportunity to celebrate by exploring and getting to know a new city.

If you’d like to support our fundraising efforts but aren’t in the market for jewelry at the moment, there are candle services available in the special services section of my shop. I’d also be happy to discuss a custom service for you; we can make this fit any amount you’d like to contribute and feel the service is worth.

I’m working out the details for an auction fundraiser in early September; if you have a moment to pop by Facebook and weigh in on which dates might be better for you, I’d appreciate it!

Much love and bright blessings,


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat Mason
    Aug 23, 2014 @ 22:36:00

    I’m so glad that things are moving along for you!



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