Spread Handmade Love

edenreborn-handmadeloveSharing from my Facebook page because posts have so little reach there these days…

Please help spread the love, here and on the other handmade business pages that you frequent. I know that you’re all sick of hearing it and FB keeps making it harder, but here’s the thing…

Until everyone is willing to follow and support their favorite artists on other platforms, the only hope for some of us with a primary presence on FB — of keeping our voices heard and our dreams afloat — is to get our fans to keep interacting with our posts in order to maintain our connections and boost our signals.

We do our best to create engaging pages with original, entertaining content that showcases our work and the contents of our fevered brains, our overflowing hearts and our often-cramped hands. We need you — our virtual neighbors, our villages both real and online — to match our commitment to you, to remember why you decided to support us in the first place and stubbornly refuse to allow us to fade away.

In return, we will keep bringing you our blood, sweat and tears, the pieces formed from the very essence of our souls. The fuel that so many of us run on is your love and support, my dears. Please don’t ever forget that.

Image source: Eden Reborn


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