What have you been missing?

Good evening (or g’day!) to you all, my amazing B&B family! ♥

There is lots of new stuff on my Facebook page, but sadly, most of it has not been reaching the vast majority of you. Here’s some of what you might be missing…

– Gorgeous handmade works of art from beautiful creative souls!
– New pieces made from my own two hands and soul!
– A new opportunity to purchase a tiny gift for yourself — or someone else — and help us make our way to the sanctuary of the Pacific Northwest!
– An opportunity for you to request inclusion in our prayers and candle lighting rituals, absolutely free of charge or obligation!
– Lots of love and pretty, shiny bits for the faeries, dragons and magpies among you! 😉

If you’re connected with artists and wee handmade businesses on Facebook, please be sure to visit your favorite pages frequently and show our posts love ~ it’s like CPR for creatives, pumping continued life into our beloved work and the pages that we have poured so much love and energy into creating and maintaining! Thank you so very much for your love and support! ♥

Much love and many blessings,


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