The Home Project: Funds, Frustrations & Gratitude


Hello, friends! As many of you who follow my Facebook page are already aware, hubby’s been laid up with an injury for the past week, and I’ve gotten pretty run-down myself trying to wear all of both of our usual hats. Thank goodness that he telecommutes and works on the computer, so he was able to eke out his 15 hours — we are both so grateful for that!

I’m saddened and frustrated that, because I’ve been able to do less until I finally got some catching up done this morning, sales have continued to be nearly nonexistent. After making amazing progress last month and with the auction at the beginning of this month, we’ve only made further progress of a little over $100. Since we still need over $900 more before we can purchase our advance purchase plane tickets, we’re beginning to worry that our move will be pushed back and we won’t be en route to our new home until October.

I know that this is a temporary setback and we WILL get to Seattle… It’s just hard to get sicker by the day because of our environment and lack of access to healthcare, and to watch my hubby go through the same thing. It terrifies me that there is not even safe emergency care for hubby because he is transgender and is stealth here out of necessity, but no longer passes well as male under scrutiny after being off of hormones for 2.5 years. It’s excruciating to know that every setback means that it will be longer until we do have access to healthcare, and that we are that much further away from finding a place to live where we will have renter’s rights and will be able to get help if the place where we live is making us sick.

While I am currently a bit frustrated that we seem to have lost that amazing momentum that we had a very short time ago, it is very important to me that you know we are both incredibly grateful for all of the support we’ve received in this endeavor. We are so glad to have met and gotten to know so many amazing souls through my business and this project. We appreciate your purchases, your faith in us and my work, and all of your signal boosts and moral support. Thank you for being here, and for caring about our well-being! 

Much love and many blessings,
♥ Bri


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  1. Patty Hasenyager
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 00:35:06

    I’m so sorry to hear that things have slowed down for you. I know that you want to get away from that place. I’m sending healing and and hugs to you and your hubby. Keep your head up Bri, we are all behind you. Blessings~



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