Vial of Sunshine Necklace Giveaway

I was thinking this morning that it had been too long since I’d run a giveaway, and I have a feeling that someone out there could really use this sweet little vial necklace for healing and protection. ♥ Click below to enter!

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The tiny beads in the vial are mostly sunstone, with a touch of carnelian.

Sunstone is somewhat rare and is most commonly found in Norway. It has profound healing properties and tends to foster feelings of cheerfulness, self confidence, self esteem and general positivity, along with dispelling negative inhibitions. Sunstone is very helpful with enhancing spiritual growth, manifestation, releasing stress and clearing one’s mind. It is also helpful with fertility issues.

Carnelian is associated with the root and sacral chakras. It can help fend off negativity and depression, while fostering courage and clear thinking, aiding in grounding and amplifying energy (including sexual energy). This stone encourages creativity, happiness, and aids in past life recall. It is also useful in warding against psychic attack and said to protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Onyx’s energies can aid in increasing intuition and joy, repelling negativity, finding balance and ridding oneself of bad habits. It brings strength and healing, and can enhance psychic workings. Onyx is also a grounding, protective stone which can aid in repelling negativity and psychic attack.


June Raffle

Tickets start at just $3 for a chance to win one of several gift codes worth up to $100! The last one sold out in just a few hours and over 1/3 of these tickets have already been spoken for, so don’t miss out if you want a chance to win!

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“Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform” by Carolina Gonzalez

What a wonderful guide for beginners, with some helpful reminders for anyone!

Humanistic Paganism

This essay was originally published in Carolina’s newsletter and then at as a guest post at

One of the questions I get asked more often from our customers is “I want to have a Spiritual Path – how do I start?” – well, the answer couldn’t be simpler: Living It Every Single Day. Entwining your everyday life with a set of regular devotional practices will gradually increase and empower your energy, connect you with the energies and entities around you, ground you, and build the Personal Power you will need to have efficient results on more demanding practices like Spell Work.

There is something I would like to explain before we go on with the practices – while I am practising my path every single moment of the day, I do not live surrounded by Pagans and I do not speak of my path unless someone asks me…

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Friday the 13th Sale!

Now through Friday, take 13% off ALL ready to ship items in your order when you use the code “FRIDAY” during checkout. This coupon includes The Home Project pieces, new releases, the clearance section… EVERYTHING except custom/reserved listings and made to order pieces. 

Catching Up

I’ve been a bit frazzled and slow recently, thanks to the heat… Sometimes that means that I forget to post here or choose to post less frequently, since most of my engagement is on Facebook, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to stay on top of everything and also set up an email newsletter. In the meantime, sometimes I post stuff like this… Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to very recently. If you pop over to my shop, you can check out the items I’ve placed in my newly created clearance section, as well as some newer pieces not shown here. I’ve also posted some new charms and pendants on FB, which are available for custom orders.

I’d really love to hear what you think of any of the new pieces!

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