Brighid’s Flame

Brighid’s Flame is incredibly sacred for many of Her people, whether they be nuns, priests, priestesses, flamekeepers, Her children, devotees… My husband and I, both devotees of Brighid, have a wee candle lit from a candle that was lit from a candle which was lit from Her Flame in Kildare in Ireland. It is said that Her Flame is held in the wick of every candle lit from it.

We would love to share our bit of Her Flame with you. This service includes shipping you a wee candle (a Chanukah candle, a little bigger than a large birthday candle) lit from ours. We/I will also say a prayer for you while lighting your candle, and then burn a tealight candle for you on our altar. This will be done on Sundays, during our flamekeeping shifts or on other holy days.

We aren’t doing this to capitalize on our goddess or turn a profit — we’re just asking for a few dollars to cover our supplies and as an energy exchange, a small gift for a gift.

At least $2 of each $5 purchase from this listing will be added directly to our moving fund. You can read more about what else I’m doing to get us to the Pacific Northwest here. I plan on offering actual handmade and decorated candles once we have found our way to the Pacific Northwest and are no longer in transition.


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