Mother’s Day Raffle Donation: Somerville Homeless Coalition

When we were homeless in the Boston area, we didn’t feel safe in shelters for various reasons, the chief one being that AJ is transgender, and we were also not willing to be split up because of how much we are caretakers for one another. So we found the safest place we could to sleep outside, which ended up being in Somerville, just down the road from SHC.

Mark took a personal interest in us and showed us a great deal of kindness; we are sure that we’re not the only people he has treated with such care and compassion. Because SHC was one of the few organizations where we were made to feel that our situation mattered and that we mattered as human beings, we are beyond grateful to be able to return the favor in some small way now.

Huge thanks to everyone whose support helped to make this happen!

♥ Bri & AJ


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