Never give up!


I’ve been working on jewelry and contemplating this morning…

Hubby and I were lucky to receive help and kindness from friends and strangers when we were really down and out, with no reliable income. In almost two years, this business has grown to where it actually helps sustain us, even if sales are sporadic. Hubby has gotten good enough at his telecommuting job to warrant a raise.

We now no longer qualify for food stamps, and we rarely go hungry, after relying on food stamps and food pantries for years. We still forget, on occasion, how far we’ve come when we see how far we still have to climb in order to leave the south and return to a place where we won’t need to worry about who knows we are queer or who knows we are witches, where we will feel safe seeking help if we do need it again, where we will have reasonable access to public transportation, safe spaces and health care.

Having come all this way, I know that we can make our way to where we are being called. We just need to stay in the right frame of mind and keep our chins up, keep working toward our goals. And it helps to have amazing, supportive friends when we do stumble.

If you need to hear this today, I wanted to make sure that you heard it. ♥ Keep your chin up as long as you can, and allow those who love you to support you when you cannot.

Sending you all so much love and wishing you the brightest of blessings!

~ Bri

[Photo taken in Sighisoara, Romania, 2006, by someone in my traveling party.]


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