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The South

I have something serious that I need to address. I have recently been accused of being hateful and bashing people in the South, so I would like to take a moment to clear up any misunderstandings that may exist.

Just to be clear about my stance on the South… I can’t stand being stuck in the Bible belt. It breaks my heart to be constantly fearing for the safety of myself and my beloved, and having to hide who we are because we are queer and he is transgender. It makes me sick to my stomach how the general populace, in my experience, looks down on the poor. In my experience, what is called Southern hospitality has been people being fake-nice to my face while not showing any real compassion for other people. This includes the people in charge of whether my spouse and I received assistance when we were so poor we could barely pay rent, had no food stamps and were trying to get food from the Salvation Army. I cannot stand people — any people — treating one another badly. At NO point have I ever said that I hate everyone or everything in the South. It makes me incredibly sad that people would take my words and twist them like that, in order to claim that I am judgmental or hateful.

I honestly can’t even fathom why anyone would take me expressing my frustration with the area and my personal experiences as personal indictments of them as human beings. I am intelligent enough and mature enough to separate my general feelings about a region from my opinions of individual people. Standing up for myself and being open about my experiences when my spouse and I have been mistreated as queer/gender-variant/non-Christian people in the South is neither unloving nor unreasonably critical.

As I have said many times, this community (which primarily centers around my Facebook page, but extends to anywhere I hang my hat on the web) is a place of love and respect for ALL people. To put an even finer point on it, I respect ALL people unless an individual gives me a good reason to lose respect for them. I am generally very nice and friendly, but I do not shy away from speaking of injustice when I see it. I am a Scorpio. I am queer. I am a disabled witch and a feisty part-Irish woman who is devoted to Brighid, a goddess who is in many ways all about fairness and doing what is right, regardless of whether what is right is popular. This is who I am, and I will not be sad to say goodbye to you if you have a problem with who I am.

I wish you all love, health, joy and the brightest of blessings.

♥ Bri

Mother’s Day Raffle Donation: Somerville Homeless Coalition

When we were homeless in the Boston area, we didn’t feel safe in shelters for various reasons, the chief one being that AJ is transgender, and we were also not willing to be split up because of how much we are caretakers for one another. So we found the safest place we could to sleep outside, which ended up being in Somerville, just down the road from SHC.

Mark took a personal interest in us and showed us a great deal of kindness; we are sure that we’re not the only people he has treated with such care and compassion. Because SHC was one of the few organizations where we were made to feel that our situation mattered and that we mattered as human beings, we are beyond grateful to be able to return the favor in some small way now.

Huge thanks to everyone whose support helped to make this happen!

♥ Bri & AJ

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April Auction Donation


Click here if you would like to read some of Danielle’s story and consider donating to sponsor her ~ http://bit.ly/1iU8YZy.

Now that the Mother’s Day raffle has come to a close, hubby and I will be choosing another organization to receive 10% of the proceeds from that as well. Thanks to your support, we have been able to donate $125 to charity this year. We are so grateful for this opportunity to pay it forward!

I am particularly pleased to be able to donate to charities oriented toward helping babies and moms, as I was a premature baby who was born very sickly. Not only does this hit close to my heart, but it is an apt way to honor my goddess, as Brighid is a divine midwife and caretaker of children.

♥ Mother’s Day Raffle Winners ♥

I have winners! ♥ I finally sold all of the tickets for the Mother’s Day raffle, and was so excited to draw the winners. Without further ado, they are…

Bryn won a $100 gift code!
Angela & Amy each won a $50 gift code!
Jeannette & Belinda each won a $25 gift code!

Winners, please pm me with the email address you’d like me to use when setting up your gift codes. Thanks SO much to everyone who entered, and congrats to all of my winners! ♥

I know there were some folks waiting to get paid this week who wanted — but didn’t have a chance — to enter. If you are one of them and would be interested in entering a secondary raffle, let me know. I could offer tickets through the weekend and then award prizes in whatever amount comes in, if enough people are interested.

♥ Hamsa Hand Necklace Giveaway Winner ♥

Congratulations, Ruth! You have won the blue lace agate & hamsa hand necklace giveaway. ♥ Thanks to everyone who participated and helped boost my signal on this! If you didn’t win, have no fear… I’ll be starting another giveaway very soon!

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