Imbolc Donation to Irish Premature Babies


I went ahead and made my Imbolc donation in Brighid’s name. I had a difficult time finding a charity that sang to my soul, but I knew this was it when I saw it. Having been born 6 weeks early and very sickly with a variety of illnesses ever since, I have an especially soft spot for Brighid’s midwife and mother aspects, and for preemies in general.

You can visit Irish Premature Babies here:

My sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude to everyone who helped make this happen! Hubby and I are far from wealthy and can rarely afford to make monetary donations, but it means a lot to us when we can. I am hoping that we’ll also be able to afford to buy some food and pass it out to the homeless folks who tend to hang out nearby on the 1st and/or 2nd.

As always, sending much love and wishing you many blessings!


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