Re: The Problem With Facebook


Hey folks! I know that this is a long post, but it’s a very important one if you care about me and other artists and small business owners who have worked hard to build and keep a fan base on Facebook, so it would mean a lot to me if you’d take a few minutes to read, then pop over to the link to watch the video. Thanks so much for your support!

{For those who want to watch the video but don’t have time to read the whole post:}

This video does an awesome job of explaining exactly what Facebook is doing, in plain words, that hurts pages like mine and even makes it harder to keep in touch with people that you know personally. It’s been a series of bad, greedy business decisions, and it’s the reason that I’ve been trying to get folks to follow my posts on other sites, as well as interact with my posts here. In this economy, small businesses like mine — especially those run by stay at home parents of young or special needs children, and disabled folks who may not have other income options — really need the support of their fans to stay afloat. Please check out this video, especially if you’re one of the folks who has been offended by my asking you to like some of my posts.

I want to tell you a little story, not because I want pity, but because if you care about me, if you feel like I am a friend as many of my page fans do, it’s important for you to know what could happen to me and hubby if Facebook succeeded in making my posts fade from all of your feeds. If I stop being able to reach my fans and customers, I have no income and I could become homeless.

Hubby and I were sleeping outside a little over two years ago, for a little while, and fought until very recently to even have a stable roof over our heads, due to chronic illness and lack of options for work. He has a job where we are lucky that he can telecommute, but his pay barely covers rent and groceries, nevermind meds or any other basic needs.

In a good month, I average about $1,000 in sales. Approximately half of that goes right back out for supplies and postage. I’ve been acutely unwell and have been able to produce less over the past few months, so I’ve made some changes that I hope will increase my productivity, but the point is that, with the pittance I make for all of the hours I work (because I work my butt off networking, promoting and researching, not just the time I spend making jewelry), I can’t afford to pay for Facebook ads too. I even tried them, and the low-cost ads I purchased made NO difference in sales; nor did they get me many new page fans that may have later turned into sales. I just had a small jump in post views.

Before Facebook started messing with their algorithms all the time, making it increasingly harder for me to reach you, I was able to spend a lot less time writing posts like this, and a lot less time begging people to interact more with my posts so that they’d be seen by more of you. My work sold itself, as the saying goes, and I had more time and energy to actually work on pieces. I don’t mean to sound like I’m just complaining or being negative; this is just a really stressful situation for someone in my shoes, and I’d like you all — especially those who get annoyed by my posts asking for likes/interaction — to understand why I ask for your help. And I’m just one person running one page; there are so many other awesome, tiny businesses and artists out there who need your love and support in order to thrive, and I’m not even talking about giving them your money directly!

You are my family. I honestly, truly, sincerely love you. I am so grateful that you’re here, and I just want to keep in touch with as many of you as possible so that I can keep bringing you my work. 


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