Witchy DIY: Protection Talisman


Here’s an idea for a magical project with which kids can easily be involved. Make a ring of protective stone beads on large memory wire (the kind intended for necklaces) ~ I used large garnet and amethyst beads, both stones being known as warrior’s gems that were often carried into battle. In between are hematite beads, for grounding. From this I hung a number of charms representing peace, protection and my spirit family, on an assortment of lengths of chain.

You could hang yours on a sturdy hook over your altar or by your door, or leave it on the altar like mine. I like to light large red candles used in protection spells inside the ring of this protective talisman, to recharge the piece for its intended work. Children, even small ones, can help string the beads. If your beads are large like mine, they’re even easier for small hands. They can also help choose the charms that are used.

This would be a really cool DIY gift project for a loved one moving into a new home, a family member moving out into their own home, a young family welcoming a new baby, etc. It can also be very rustic, elegant or anywhere in between, depending on the materials that you choose.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. butterflyconfetti
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 22:34:47

    This is an awesome idea. I am trying to think of what to put in my Sacred Space and this is on the list now. Love it!



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