I just got back from the post office, and sent off 24 packages. All of these folks now have packages en route…

  • Amber G.
  • Amelia H.
  • Angela E.
  • Autumn W.
  • Belinda N.
  • Chenieka M.
  • Debra F.
  • Hope B.
  • Jeff J.
  • Jordan T.
  • Joshua B.
  • Keith W.
  • Larrolynn H.
  • Margarita M.
  • Misti W.
  • Nicole G.
  • Patrick M.
  • Sheryl C.
  • Steve O.
  • Terri S.
  • Tina F.
  • Tina P.
  • Vanessa T.
  • Wanetta S.

I will be spending the next couple of weeks catching up on made to order beaded pieces AND stocking the shop with new, ready to ship creations. I LOVE working on custom orders, but because I’ve been so sick and the unpredictability of my health has caused so many delays in recent months, I will be making some major — and positive — changes starting January 1st.

The big change is that I am going to remove made to order beaded pieces from my shop AND limit custom beaded pieces to 10 per month after the end of the year. I will still make some of my popular beaded designs from time to time and list them in my shop, but they will not always be available, so now is a great time to order if you’ve had your eye on one of these pieces!

The hope is that, with these changes in effect, I will actually be MORE productive because I’ll be less stressed about deadlines and the potential of disappointing you, my awesome customers, friends and fans! Stress is a huge factor in chronic illness, especially when fatigue and the immune system are involved, so I really think this is a huge step in the right direction. Having the freedom to be more creative without the pressure of so many deadlines should prove to be a positive thing too.

With the big announcement out of the way, I also have a special offer for you! This week’s payday special is a coupon code… Use the coupon “PAYDAY” to take 25% off your order of ANYTHING in my shop, excepting only custom/reserved orders. You can even purchase gift certificates using this coupon code, for yourself or as a last-minute holiday gift.

As always, I appreciate you! You all mean the world to me and my wee business, and I REALLY appreciate you sticking with me through the growing pains. ♥


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